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Outlet & Switch Service in Atlanta

Our modern homes are wired to offer you plenty of power in order to keep up with more and more appliances, tools, and amenities. But wiring and panels can’t do it alone—in order to get your proper, safe power you need access. Which means switches and outlets are vital, and you need to be certain your home has exactly what you need to offer proper electrical use.

Do you need additional outlets, new outlets, or switch wiring for your Atlanta home? Then you came to the right place! Our certified and licensed electricians boast the skill, training, and knowledge needed to help you get the best in the business. We’re Georgia’s leaders in perfect electrical service!

When you need switch and or outlet wiring and installation in Atlanta or the surrounding areas, trust the professional electricians at R.S. Andrews to get the job done right. Contact us on the web to set a date for your service, or give our team a call at 770-913-6412!

Outlet Wiring Services

Without proper outlets and the proper number of outlets, you can be left without adequate access, or left only with the option to dangerously overload the outlets you have. You can find a better and more reliable solution just by reaching out to our certified electricians! We provide complete outlet installation and wiring services to home and business owners, and can help you get the electrical access you need.

Dedicated Circuit Services

Major home appliances require a dedicated outlet and circuit for their specific use. This includes anything that pulls a major draw of wattage, including refrigerators and dryers. We can determine your need for dedicated circuitry, offering outlet installation for:

  • Televisions and entertainment systems
  • Bathrooms (hair dryer and iron outlets)
  • Refrigerators
  • HVAC systems
  • Microwaves
  • Portable heating and cooling units
  • Ovens and ranges
  • And more!

Switch Installation in Atlanta

Most lights don’t get far without a switch, nor do some appliances. Our switch wiring service can exactly accommodate your needs, including installation in custom locations, or to custom circuits

When Do I Need New Outlets & Switches?

Most typically, new outlets are chosen when your needs are growing. Modern homes are incorporating new tools and amenities every day, and these all need safe access to electrical power in order to service your needs appropriately. Rather than choosing unstable or temporary solutions in splitters and extension cords, outlet installation offers you a better, more permanent solution.

In addition to outlets and switches, you might look into getting a panel upgrade service, particularly if your newfound need is to accommodate major appliances, or if you’re planning a remodel or home addition. Not having enough power means flickering lights, breaker trips, and worse, so be sure your home is well prepared!

Outlet & Switch Wiring in Atlanta

If you need electrical services, including outlets and switches, in Atlanta, Georgia, you can rely on our specialists to bring you the best in the business sin reliable service and peerless results. Our team puts you first in all we do! Contact us today to get started, or to learn more about our wiring services!

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