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Circuit Breaker Services in Atlanta

At R.S Andrews, our expert electricians can quickly diagnose the source of your circuit breaker problem and recommend the best correction or repair strategy. As a trusted circuit breaker contractor in Atlanta, we’re here to ensure your home is safe from electrical overloads, fire or shock injuries. This is while providing you with the power you need to run your household every day!

What Is a Circuit Breaker?

A circuit breaker is a switch that trips automatically when needed to prevent electrical circuitry overload. Fuses operate in a similar manner, but they are single use and must be replaced after breaking a circuit. Your home’s circuit breakers, located inside your metal breaker box in a wall, can reset themselves (or be manually reset by you) to continue operation. Fuses and circuit breakers are examples of Automatic Disconnection of Supply, or ADS, devices.

At the First Sign of a Breaker Problem, Expert Help Is Available

If electrical breakers trip often in your Atlanta area home,  or if you suspect your circuit breaker box has become damaged or was originally mis-wired, let our friendly, licensed electricians diagnose and repair the problem. Neglected or ignored breaker panel problems can ruin expensive home appliances, computers, TVs and more. Faulty circuit breakers can also cause devastating house fires and severe injury to you or your family members.

Signs You Need Breaker Panel Service in Your Atlanta Home

  • Breakers trip often; for instance when using large appliances or when you refrigerator or AC kick on—or they trip for no reason you can detect.
  • Your home needs lots of extension cords or power strips in order to function.
  • Lighting flickers or spontaneously dims.
  • You see sparks at any outlets or the circuit breaker box.
  • The breaker panel emits strange noises, buzzes or pops.
  • Electrical panel has rust or signs of water damage.
  • The panel shows signs of (or odors of) burning or melted circuit breakers.

Electrical Panel Diagnostics

At R.S. Andrews, we use sophisticated electrical testing and state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose the source of your electrical short, wiring issues or circuit breaker problems. Electrical malfunctions can be due to:

  • Appliances or appliance connections
  • Individual wall outlets
  • Faulty circuit breaker switches
  • Breaker panel malfunction
  • Outdated or inadequate breaker panel
  • Household wiring issue
  • And more

Solutions are often simple and quick, and may include:

  • Re-wiring the breaker panel
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Upgrading the flow of power to your home to better support today’s high tech homes
  • Adding a subpanel or dedicated circuit breaker for a certain room, device or area
  • Replacing breakers

If you’re looking for Atlanta electrical panel repair or searching for “breaker panel repairs near me,” R.S. Andrews is here to help. Our expert electricians are ready to diagnose and fix your electrical issues promptly and efficiently.

Circuit Breaker Checkups: Enjoy a Safe, Productive & Properly Wired Atlanta Home

The quicker you arrange expert inspection and diagnosis of your home’s circuit breaker or electrical wiring problem, the less potential for danger or property damage you’ll endure. We also offer GFCI outlet services to ensure your home’s electrical system is safe and up to code.

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Top Rated Circuit Breaker Services in Atlanta, Georgia

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