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Thermostat Installation & Repair in Atlanta, GA and the Surrounding Areas

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Many Atlanta homeowners struggle to keep their homes comfortable while also balancing their budget for energy expenses. Some residents mistakenly believe that an issue with their home’s heating and cooling is a sure sign of HVAC system malfunction. In reality, the problem may actually be caused by an outdated and poorly performing thermostats.

As an HVAC contractor, R.S. Andrews recognizes the critical role thermostats play in maintaining your home’s temperature, ensuring both comfort and energy efficiency. Our adept technicians  are equipped to handle thermostat repairs, installations, and system upgrades, guaranteeing consistent heating and cooling control throughout the year.

Maximize your energy savings while bringing improved heating services and cooling services for your Atlanta home by calling R.S. Andrews at 770-863-7387 today. You can also contact us online for thermostats service in Atlanta and North Atlanta, GA!

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Signs Your Thermostats Need Replacement

What may appear to be an issue with your home’s HVAC system could actually be a problem with your thermostat. The signs of needed thermostat repair or replacement can be quite similar to those that occur when your HVAC system is on the fritz.

Look out for the following symptoms to understand when it may be time to schedule thermostat repair or replacement services in your home:

  • Your HVAC system won’t turn on.
  • The thermostat remains unresponsive when temperature settings are changed.
  • Your HVAC system short-cycles.
  • Programmed thermostatic settings are lost.

Allowing issues with your thermostat to persist can result in increased energy spending, more frequent repair requests, and discomfort in the home. Ensure your Atlanta home remains comfortable and energy-efficient by choosing thermostat repair and replacement services from R.S. Andrews. Our team offers a wide range of advanced products designed to maximize energy savings while providing your home with optimal comfort.

Call us at 770-863-7387 to schedule thermostat services in Atlanta today!

Benefits of Smart Thermostats Services

At R.S. Andrews, we offer the industry’s finest thermostat products to leave you with improved energy efficiency and comfort year-round. Featuring smart and Wi-Fi thermostats from Honeywell and Lennox, our team can outfit your home with the system it needs to access the following key benefits:

  • Savings: Both Lennox and Honeywell products are proven to provide increased savings to homeowners, featuring energy performance reports, programmable temperature schedules, and system alerts to help you better manage energy efficiency in your home.
  • Comfort: Achieve maximum comfort in your home by managing everything from temperature to humidity level at the touch of a button.
  • Maintenance: Premium products from Lennox and Honeywell can deliver performance alerts about your HVAC system to help you schedule maintenance needs ahead of time and avoid costly repairs.
  • Control: Manage your smart thermostats from anywhere with remote access through your phone or Wi-Fi-connected device.

R.S. Andrews is proud to carry the most advanced thermostat systems the industry has to offer. By bringing one of these upgraded thermostats to your home, you can achieve greater energy savings, improved comfort, and reduced maintenance needs for your HVAC systems.

Call us at 770-863-7387 to schedule smart thermostat services at your Atlanta or Kennesaw-area home!

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Maintaining optimal comfort without breaking the bank doesn’t have to be a challenge. With thermostat installation, repair, replacement, and central heating system services from R.S. Andrews, you’ll enjoy improved energy efficiency and comfort all year long.

Get the upgrades you need to feel more at home by calling 770-863-7387 to schedule thermostat services today in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell, and Peachtree City.


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