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Is Your Home Properly Grounded?

Posted on: July 31, 2017

What is electrical grounding? Grounding adds safety to your home. Electricity travels the path of least resistance. When there’s too much supply, it needs to go somewhere. That’s where grounding comes in. If we didn’t have grounding in our home, the entire force of the current would move into your appliances, your electronics, or possibly…

4 Ways To Modernize Your Atlanta Area Parking Structure

Posted on: July 28, 2017

With many commercial properties, the parking structure is a mere afterthought. You build it, maintain it, but rarely consider updating it. How long has your parking structure been operational? Is it a safe and welcoming place to be? Your visitors notice. And in fact, if it isn’t in the best of condition, it may be…

How To Avoid The Ceiling Fan Blues

Posted on: July 27, 2017

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re constantly looking for new ways to update and improve your home. We do it for efficiency. We do it to be more comfortable. We do it for the looks. But what if you really like something and the home shows all tell you it’s a no-no? A lot of…

Plumbing Tips For The Ultimate Bathroom Makeover in Atlanta

Posted on: July 26, 2017

Tired of looking at the same boring, out-of-date bathroom every day? Want a remodel but not sure where to begin? Start with the basics: fixtures, placement, and plumbing. In most cases, with bathroom remodels, space is limited. If you have an unlimited budget, you could always knock down walls and expand to your heart’s desire.…

7 Things To Consider When Purchasing A New Toilet in Atlanta

Posted on: July 24, 2017

While it might not be something you talk about at the dinner table, the toilet is one of the most important items in your home. The color and cost might influence your purchasing decision, how much water it uses and how well it flushes should matter more. A good toilet will conserve water and generate…

Troubleshooting Tankless Water Heaters

Posted on: July 22, 2017

Do you have a tankless water heater and have questions about its performance? One of the most common questions we receive is: “It doesn’t produce hot water instantly.” And in most cases, that’s true. Tankless water heaters aren’t designed to produce instantaneous hot water. Instead, they are designed to have an unlimited supply of hot…

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