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Gas Line Inspection Services in Atlanta, GA | Gas Pipeline Inspection Services

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your property with R.S. Andrews gas line inspection services in Atlanta, GA. Our qualified team provides comprehensive inspections, from rough-in to final checks, ensuring your gas lines are secure and compliant with regulations.

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What is a Gas Line Inspection Service?

Gas line inspection services involve a comprehensive assessment of your home’s gas system, including pipelines, appliances, and connections. During these inspections, gas leak detection plumbers run and pressure test gas pipes to detect any leaks or faults, ensuring everything operates safely and efficiently. The testing extends from the meter location through the foundation to the approximate location of all appliances, with a minimum pressure test of 20 psi. 

Only approved materials like copper, CSST, black steel, and wrought iron are checked for proper sizing, support, and installation, ensuring no hazardous elements like unions or couplings are hidden or improperly placed.

Why is it Important?

Regular gas pipeline inspection services are crucial for maintaining the safety and functionality of your home’s gas system. They help identify potential risks such as leaks, clogs, or worn parts in your gas lines and appliances, including ovens, water heaters, and boilers. By assessing the safety devices, gas pressure, and flow, and checking for blockages or leaks, inspectors ensure that your gas-operated equipment is safe and up to code. This proactive approach can prevent dangerous gas leaks and ensure that your gas systems remain in top condition, protecting your home and family from potential hazards.

Gas Line Leak Repairs

If you suspect a gas line leak in your home or business, it’s important to address it immediately to ensure safety and prevent further damage. R.S. Andrews offers professional gas line leak repair services in Atlanta. Our experienced technicians use the latest technology to detect leaks and perform repairs that restore the integrity of your gas lines.

Steps Involved During Gas Line Inspection Services

During a gas line inspection, specialized inspectors from top-line companies carry out a series of steps to ensure that your gas pipeline systems are safe, functional, and compliant with regulations. 

At R.S. Andrews, our specialized inspectors perform a detailed series of steps during a gas line inspection to ensure that your gas pipeline systems are safe, functional, and compliant with regulations. 

Here’s what typically happens during an inspection:

Visual Inspection

Inspectors start with a thorough visual examination of all accessible gas lines, appliances, and connections. They look for signs of wear, corrosion, or damage that could indicate potential problems.

Pressure Testing

A critical step is pressure testing the gas lines to check for leaks. This involves applying pressure to the system and observing if there is a pressure drop, which would suggest a leak.

Material Check

Inspectors verify that the piping materials (such as copper, CSST, black steel, and wrought iron) meet the safety standards and are properly sized and supported to prevent future issues.

Leak Detection

Using advanced tools, inspectors check for gas leaks along the lines. This is crucial for preventing gas escape that can lead to hazardous conditions.

Appliance and System Check

Inspectors assess each gas-powered appliance to ensure they are properly installed and functioning safely. They also check the safety devices on these appliances to confirm they are operational.

Ventilation and Air Supply

Ensuring that vents and air supplies are clear of blockages is essential for the safe operation of gas systems, as these can affect the efficiency and safety of gas combustion.

Repair and Maintenance

If any issues are identified during the inspection, inspectors will recommend or undertake necessary repairs to ensure the gas pipeline system is in top condition.

Documentation and Reporting

After the inspection, the company provides a detailed report outlining the findings, any repairs made, and recommendations for maintaining the safety and efficiency of the gas system.

When to Schedule a Gas Line Inspection

Scheduling regular gas line inspections is crucial to ensure the safety and efficiency of your home’s gas piping system. These inspections should be a routine part of your home maintenance schedule to identify and prevent potential hazards like leaks or corrosion before they escalate.

It’s advisable to arrange for an inspection:


Annual inspections are recommended to detect any potential leaks, corrosion, or wear and tear in your gas piping, even if there are no apparent signs of trouble. This preventative measure helps maintain your system in top condition.


After a Repair

Following any repair work on your gas system, an inspection should be conducted to ensure that the repair was successful and that no additional issues have arisen during the process.


If You Suspect a Leak

Should you notice the faint smell of gas, hear a hissing sound near gas lines, or see an unexplained increase in your gas bill, schedule an inspection immediately to check for leaks.


When Buying a New Home

Before purchasing a property, have the gas system thoroughly inspected to ensure everything is safe and up to standard.


After Severe Weather Events

Natural occurrences like earthquakes, floods, or severe storms can damage gas piping. After such events, an inspection is necessary to assess the integrity of the gas system.


By keeping up with these scheduled inspections, you can catch and address issues early, potentially saving on costly repairs later. Trusted companies specializing in gas line inspections can provide the expertise and service to ensure your gas system is safe and reliable.

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Don’t take risks with your gas piping—ensure your system is safe and leak-free. Contact R.S. Andrews for comprehensive gas line inspections in Atlanta. Additionally, we also offer gas line installation and repair, along with gas water heater services, providing a full spectrum of solutions to meet all your gas-related needs.

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