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Power Outages

Even though you have no control over the majority of power outages, sometimes they are brought on by problems with your home’s electrical system. There is a chance that the power system is not to blame for frequent power outages. Your entire home might not be affected by these power outages. It’s possible that certain rooms have power while others in the house don’t. You need an electrical expert to identify the issue’s root cause. Your go-to electrical repair business, RS Andrews, will send out one of our skilled power outage electricians to investigate the cause of your frequent power outages.

Schedule an appointment with one of our expert electricians in Atlanta, Savannah, Alpharetta, and surrounding areas today at 770-913-6412.

Violating Electrical Repair Rules

How recently did you have an inspection? It’s possible that your home is not electrically compliant if it’s been a while. Your home can have a number of code infractions. In addition to lowering the value of your property, this has an adverse effect on your family’s safety. Code infractions can range from mandating the installation of GFCI outlets to having the incorrect circuit breaker. It’s also conceivable that your home is not grounded or that you don’t have enough electrical bonding.

There may still be knob-and-tube wiring in an older house. To keep the wire away from the wood of your house, knob-and-tube wiring requires ceramic posts to be fastened into the frame. It might have worked wonders for older houses. Today, though, it can be a significant fire threat. The wiring systems feature flammable enameled fabric encircling the wires and are not grounded. In addition, it’s possible that the wires’ insulation has gotten old. This implies that your home is filled with exposed wires. Some would advise a do-it-yourself upgrade to prevent rewiring. The best course of action, however, is to hire a licensed electrician to install the proper wiring in lieu of your knob-and-tube wiring.

Hiring a licensed electrician is the only way to determine whether your property complies with electrical regulations. Make an appointment for one of our electricians to assess your property and replace or repair any outdated systems. When you search for “electrical panel repair near me,” know that we are here. For dependable and skilled electrical repairs in Atlanta, get in touch with us right away.

As an Atlanta electrical service company, we provide various services such as:

Request power outage service now by calling us at 770-913-6412. 

Repair of Electrical Wiring

Since your wires are buried, it may be difficult to determine when they require repair. The fact that your wiring is in charge of distributing electricity throughout your entire home puts it under a lot of strain. It can be challenging to determine whether electrical wiring needs to be repaired. There are, however, a few unmistakable indicators that can lead you in the proper way.

Strange Smells

It’s likely that you need to have your home rewired if you smell burning plastic near your outlets. This needs to be taken care of right away because it poses a fire risk.

Burn marks

You should act right away if you notice scorch marks on your outlets because they pose a fire risk as well.

Buzzing Noises

Your wiring may be defective if your outlets start making strange humming noises.

For professional assistance, consider our Atlanta wiring repair services.

Reasons to Consult a Professional for Your Electrical Repairs

It is not a good idea to attempt any electrical repairs or improvements if you are not a professional electrician, even though you might like taking care of your own house in as many ways as you can. especially if it has been a while since your home was examined. Working on your electrical system is exceedingly risky because electrocution is a possibility.

The possibility of incorrectly repairing your electrical system exists as well. If you don’t know what to check for, you might make your home dangerous to live in if you make a mistake. Employ a licensed electrician to handle all of your electrical repairs to keep your home electrically compliant. We are available to you for everything from electrical safety inspections to a complete rewiring of your home. RS Andrews is, after all, your go-to source for electrical repairs.

If you also need breaker-related services to address power outages, call our breaker panel repair electricians.

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