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GFCI Outlet Installation & Repair in Atlanta

If you need GFCI breaker replacement, repair or installation here in the Atlanta area, count on the experienced, licensed electricians at R.S. Andrews.

A GFCI outlet or breaker is a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet—the type with a reset button that you typically find in kitchens and bathrooms. These safety outlets have their own breaker inside, that automatically switches off your hairdryer or other appliances when an electrical overload is imminent. These outlets prevent an electrical fire or shock event when high-powered appliances are plugged into them and especially when these electrical devices are used near water. We can add GFCI breakers to protect many other household outlets as well.

Why Do I Need a GFCI Breaker?

The NEC (National Electrical Code) requires GFCI outlets in any area where electricity is used near water inside or outside the house. Some older Atlanta homes were built without GFCIs and can be at greater risk of fire or injury due to electrical shock. Consider installing GFCI outlets to ensure:

  • Home safety: Electrical devices and water don’t mix, but are often used in close proximity to each other in a typical home. Make sure you have a GFCI outlet anywhere it’s needed in your home—or installed at the breaker panel for easiest access.
  • Convenience: A GFCI in your breaker panel may be more practical for pool equipment or other electrical devices used outside the house. If an electrical outlet trips and turn off an appliance, you won’t have to run around outside looking for which outlet needs to be reset. You can simply reset and restore power directly from the main household electrical panel.
  • Ease of installation: A GFCI breaker  fits in the electrical panel, in place of a conventional breaker. This is simpler and less disruptive to your household than making holes in walls for wall outlet installation or wall outlet replacement with larger GFCI outlets.

Although relatively simple, this is not a DIY project, since only licensed professionals have the tools, experience and testing instruments to do a safe electric breaker installation or repair. Don’t risk getting shocked and potentially severely injured, just call on the experts at R.S. Andrews.

Atlanta GFCI Breaker Installation & Repairs

There are a number of effective strategies for installing GFCI outlets and breakers in your home. Our electricians can inspect your home, discuss your needs and make a recommendation. For instance, we often recommend GFCI protection for all power supplied to your bathroom(s), kitchen, basement, garage and outdoor areas.

Get a free estimate for GFCI breaker service! Contact R.S. Andrews, your Atlanta electricians, today!

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