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Meet Our Team

Our Friendly Customer Service Team

If you have called or emailed R.S. Andrews, or have been called by someone at our company, chances are one of the names below may sound familiar. Each of the caring, compassionate people below is a member of our phenomenal Customer Service Representative Team. They all work daily to ensure our clients are well served from beginning to end, yet rarely, if ever, get to meet our clients face to face. So here’s your chance to learn a little more about what makes these capable people tick.

Our Expert Tech Team

At R.S. Andrews, we use strict hiring practices when it comes to our employees, knowing that the trust you place in our company and our team members is not to be taken for granted. That is why each of our technicians is not only N.A.T.E. (North American Technician Excellence) Certified, but also undergoes rigorous pre-employment screening including background and drug testing. We believe our Tech Team to be the best in the business, both from a capability standpoint, as well as their levels of professionalism, respect, class and accountability. They are a team of hard working, honest people who treat every client the way they would expect themselves and their family members to be treated in their own homes.

Our Knowledgeable Plumbing Team

The same strict hiring practices used for our HVAC Technicians is employed for every plumbing team member as well, and we believe our team to be the “Cream of the Crop.” When it comes to technical know-how and a dedication to customer service, our plumbing team members rise to the top in the industry. They know that the trust you place in them should never be taken for granted, and they work towards earning that trust during every service call. Each technician is a licensed plumber, and of course goes through R.S. Andrews’ exhausting pre-employment screening including background and drug testing. The Plumbing Team at R.S. Andrews believes in doing the job right, the first time. And doing so with professionalism, respect, class and accountability as their goal.

Our Dedicated Management Team

The most remarkable thing about speaking to any R.S. Andrews employee is hearing the passion they feel when going about their jobs on a daily basis. This is not only a testament to the quality of individuals we hire, but it is also evidence of the strong leadership in our company, provided by General Manager, Ben Kendrick, and President, Dari Payrow. These two men lead the capable team you see below via a culture of empowerment and trust. They certainly lead by example when it comes to doing the right thing for the customer, however they also provide employees with permission to make their own decisions through the course of their day in order to best serve our clients. The Management Team at R.S. Andrews’ goal is to hire, train and properly equip our teams such that they can go about doing what they do best: serving our clients.

Meet Smiley

Perhaps no other member of our team embodies the culture, pride and dedication we all strive to exhibit on a daily basis better than our very own “Smiley.” Sure, our motto is “Story after Story, We Deliver Smiles.” And that’s the truth…our team does tend to brighten the day for many of our clients experiencing issues with their Electrical, HVAC or  Plumbing systems. But beyond that, we feel a great sense of pride about what we do, and are grateful for the opportunities we have to assist our friends in the Greater Atlanta area. As Mother Teresa said, “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” Therefore, if our goal is to make our clients smile, we’re going to go about it by spreading smiles in whatever way we can. Smiley is our “Ambassador for Happiness”, and we hope that you get to meet him soon. A little bit of the personality of each of our employees is embodied in Smiley, and if by meeting him and sharing a smile, that brightens your day, then we know that given the opportunity to be your Electrical, HVAC or Plumbing contractor of choice, we’ll be sure to do everything we can to “Make you Smile” even more.

The Faces Behind Smiley

Breaking with “Mascot Tradition”, we have chosen to reveal the faces behind the Smiley Costume, because…well…sometimes THESE guys are smiling even bigger! Meet the brave men from the R.S. Andrews team that play the role of Smiley at area events and gatherings. Now remember, much like Superman or Spiderman, the alter ego of these gentlemen disappears when they don the Smiley uniform. Once in character, these mild-mannered technicians and HVAC managers transform into a strict purveyor of happiness. Be careful when meeting Smiley in uniform, as you may find yourself smiling uncontrollably!

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