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Atlanta Surge Protection for Homes

You may not pay too much attention to the electricity in your home. Mostly it’s plug and play, power on demand and lights at the flick of a switch. But never forget, you put good money into all of these appliances, lights and entertainment, and it all could take a trip to the junkyard with one unfortunate voltage spike! This is why surge protection is of extreme importance in your home, as it is all that stands between your electric possessions and a really unfortunate bolt of lightning.

The electricians at R.S. Andrews have been providing exceptional Atlanta surge protection services for years, and can provide the lightning protection systems your home needs to stay safe from power surges. We pride ourselves on excellent skill, knowledge and technology, and our work comes completely guaranteed!

Interested in learning how our Atlanta surge protection services can save your home’s electronics? Contact us today over the phone at 770-913-6412!

What Exactly Is A Power Surge?

In a nutshell, a power surge occurs when the current running through your wiring exceeds capacity. In minute ways, surges happen all the time. Any time you click off that hair dryer, or the air conditioner kicks off, the shut-off power generates a miniscule power surge. These are usually harmless, but it only takes one unfortunate incident (and a bit of bad luck, or shoddy/old wiring!) to destroy the microprocessors in your home’s electrical devices.

There are a few potential causes for power surges, including:

  • Electrical Storms. Lightning is potentially the most catastrophic of sources for a power surge, generating enough excess power for a period long enough to fry every single appliance and piece of electrical equipment in your home. You can opt for lightning protection systems for your home.
  • Grid issues. Power companies working on your area’s grid can create surges on occasion, opening your possessions to a potential early demise.
  • Improper/worn wiring. The condition of the wiring in your home has a lot to do with whether they can safely handle discharged excess voltage.
  • In-home operation. Any device that uses electricity (particularly those that run off of motors) are potential candidates for a power surge.

What Is Surge Protection?

These devices, are designed to protect your home from dangerous voltage spikes by both limiting direct voltage to your electronics, and by mitigating transient voltages and directing them to your grounding system. Lightning protection systems and surge protection in Atlanta, GA is available primarily in two forms:

  • Point-of-use protectors. These devices are designed to protect specific areas or electronics in your home. You may be familiar with power strips, which are a low-grade form of surge protection, but a proper point of use device can handle much higher voltages at a much safer rate.
  • Whole home protection. Designed to prevent and disperse transient voltages from entering your home, whole home protection stops lightning storm surges and other external sources of voltage spikes (power line damage, grid work, etc.)

Surge Protection in Atlanta, GA with R.S. Andrews

Our skilled and certified electricians not only provide industry-leading lightning protection systems and surge protection services, but will also endeavor to ensure your grounding system is up to date and up to the task. This way, you can rest assured that your home is protected on all fronts and is ready to protect your electronics and possessions from power surges.

You don’t have to search “wiring repair near me” because we’re here to provide quick and reliable wiring repairs to ensure your home’s electrical system is safe and functional. We are also an underground wiring repair company, specializing in repairing underground wiring to maintain your home’s connectivity and safety.

In addition to surge protection and wiring repairs, we offer the following services:

We’ve been providing top-notch knowledge, skill and service to Atlanta for nearly fifty years. Take advantage of our superior surge protection services today by contacting us at 770-913-6412.

Trusted Lightning Protection Systems in Atlanta, Georgia

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