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Attic Fan Installation in Atlanta

In the quest to keep your home cool all throughout our messy Atlanta summers, many homeowners turn to alternative, energy-efficient cooling methods to gain a cost-effective edge. A favorite of many is the attic fan, also known as a whole-house fan. At R.S. Andrews, our Atlanta electricians are happy to help you get a perfect fan installation!

R.S. Andrews has been offering Atlanta attic fan installation service to our customers for over 50 years. With our customer-focused service and leading products, you’re sure to always get a service that exceeds your expectations. We’re not done until we’re satisfied we’ve given the best we’ve got; that’s why your neighbors trust us so much.

Interested in learning more about a whole-house fan for your home? Contact a certified R.S. Andrews electrician online today!

What Is a Whole-House Fan?

Whole-house fans are installed within your attic and are designed to pull air up from the home and out your attic vents, working in tandem with a few open windows. The idea is to introduce fresh, cooler air into the home in order to help you keep comfortable, while also lowering energy consumption, and thus energy costs. The real boon is in that these fans typically take up around 400, maybe up to 700 watts of power to operate, which is a sliver, a fraction of what an HVAC system uses. This helps keep you comfortable, both in your home, and in your wallet.

While an attic fan isn’t exceptionally valuable during the day with our local weather, they can be excellent for the evenings, where you can kick your AC off and trust the fan to get the job done at a third of the cost or less!

Pros & Cons of a Whole-House Attic Fan

While they can be great, attic fans aren’t for everyone, and they come with some important ups and downs to be considered:

The Pros

  • Exceptionally cost-effective cooling. At their best, whole-home fans can cut your energy costs by a massive margin.
  • Excellent for the environmentally-conscious. Less energy consumption means a happier, healthier environment.
  • Quick cooling. An attic fan can cool a home within an hour or less because of the rapid air movement and natural “hot up” cycle.
  • Fresh air. Clean, fresh outside air can be a great benefit and remedy for closed-up stuffy homes.

The Cons

  • You’ll need extra ventilation. For a whole-home fan to work right, you’ll need to have additional ventilation in your attic installed.
  • May cause humidity issues. We’re no strangers to humidity here in Georgia, and some homeowners might find a dehumidifier necessary in order to mitigate the thickness of a summer evening.

Mastering Home Comfort: Attic Fans & Ventilation Systems in Atlanta

Atlanta, a city known for its sweltering summer heat, makes effective home cooling essential for every homeowner. If you’re looking to optimize your home’s comfort and efficiency, consider the vital role attic fans and robust ventilation systems play. At R.S. Andrews, not only are we specialists in installing, maintaining, and upgrading these systems to ensure your home stays cool, even during the peak of summer, but we are also a renowned Atlanta electricial company.

Our attic fans are designed to work in harmony with your home’s existing ventilation system, promoting air circulation and reducing the reliance on energy-intensive air conditioning systems. By strategically placing these fans in your attic, we can help expel hot, stagnant air, allowing your home to cool faster and remain comfortable throughout the day.

Whole-Home Attic Fan Installation in the Atlanta Area

Think an attic fan might be what you’ve been looking for? The experts at R.S. Andrews are happy to help you get the fresh, cool evening air you want! As an electrical installation contractor, we provide a full consultation and utilize accurate measurements that can match your attic fan needs.

To learn more, or to get started, contact our team at 770-983-6042!

Professional Attic Fan Installation Services in Atlanta, Georgia

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