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Heating Installation Services in Atlanta, GA

Depending on what type of furnace you are interested in purchasing, heating installation can be a complicated process. To ensure that your heating system is installed the right way and that all local building codes are followed, trust R.S. Andrews!

If your heating system or furnace isn’t installed correctly, you will experience a large number of unnecessary problems.

  • Reduced heating system life span
  • Voided warranty
  • Incorrectly calibrated electrical controls
  • Inefficient air duct design

All of these issues will lead to you spending more money after you already spent money on a heating system! In the long run, having R.S. Andrews install your central heating system the right way will lower your maintenance (or replacement) costs in the future.

Ready to have your heating system installed by R.S. Andrews? Contact us online or call us at 770-983-6042 to schedule service or request a free estimate!

Central Heating System Installation Options

Central heating systems work by utilizing a single unit that generates heat. They then push warm air through the duct system that is spread throughout your home or place of business. This allows air to flow into each room that you are heating. Once our team at R.S. Andrews knows what kind of heating system installation you prefer, we can connect the furnace to the duct system accordingly. Central heating can be provided by:

Any heater will work for a central heating system as long as it’s powerful enough to be able to heat the air going into the ducts.

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Preparing for Winter: Energy-Efficient Heating Installation in Atlanta, GA

As the winter months approach in Atlanta, it’s important to prepare your home or business for the chilly weather. One of the best ways to do this is by installing an energy-efficient heating system. Energy-efficient heaters use less energy to produce the same amount of heat compared to traditional heating systems, which means you stay cozy and warm without the high energy bills. At R.S. Andrews, we offer a range of energy-efficient heating installation options to help you stay comfortable throughout the winter season. Our expert technicians can guide you in selecting a heating system that best suits your specific needs and budget, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the cold months ahead.

Choosing the Right Heater for Your Home

The type of heater you choose for your home can significantly impact your comfort and energy consumption. Several factors should influence your decision, including the size and layout of your home, the local climate, and your budget. Here at R.S. Andrews, we take all these considerations into account when helping you decide on the right heating installation. Whether it’s a gas furnace, an electric furnace, or a heat pump, we’ll ensure that your new heater is the perfect fit for your Atlanta home.

Gas & Electric Furnace Installation

At R.S. Andrews, our skilled heater installation and repair technicians are experts at installing both gas and electric furnaces, so regardless of what type of system you need, they can properly install it and tune your system to run at peak efficiency. A gas heating installation involves replacing your old furnace with a new gas-burning furnace and connecting gas lines wherever necessary. Our R.S. Andrews heating technicians will take care to ensure that your system is installed correctly, and we will even help to remove your old furnace.

Heat Pumps Installation

When it comes to heat pumps, our technicians are the most experienced heat pump installation company in Atlanta and other nearby areas. A heat pump is an electrically powered unit that sits outside of a building and draws air in through a fan system. In the winter, it collects warmth from the outside and transfers it to the air that is inside a building. A heat pump can find enough heat outside to warm the inside of a building, even if the temperature outside is below freezing. Installations for heat pumps are a bit different than other types of heating installations since the heat pump is outside. When you call us, our technician will connect the heat pump unit outside the building and install pipes through the wall to the building’s existing central heating system.

Professional Heating Installation and HVAC Services in Atlanta, GA

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R.S. Andrews is a high-quality heating system installation company in Atlanta. Our technicians are trained in installation processes of various systems, and we always follow industry standards and code regulations. 

Call us today at 770-983-6042 or contact us online if you need a new heating system!

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