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House Drainage, Waste, and Vent Line Service in Atlanta

Your home’s plumbing system is something you probably take for granted. You expect it to work every day when showering, washing clothes, running your dishwasher, or preparing a meal. Over the course of decades, the amount of stress your plumbing system endures makes it inevitable that you will encounter a problem. If you live in an older home built in the 1960s or before, you may have to maintain your drainage, waste, and vent line system (DWV) sooner rather than later.

When that time comes, it’s essential to have experienced plumbers near you to address any DWV system issues.

What Is Your Drainage, Waste and Vent (DWV) System?

The DWV system in modern plumbing is the piping responsible for removing sewage and greywater from your home into the municipal waste system or your home’s septic tank. Vents regulate the air pressure in your pipes to keep them flowing freely.

Almost all DWV systems are built to last—some as long as 80 to 100 years, so chances are you’ll never encounter a situation where the entire system would need to be replaced. However, certain sections of pipe may need to be replaced and retrofitted after decades of use. You could also encounter specific problems with your DWV system based on when your home was built and the kind of pipe materials in use at that time.

  • Steel – Used from the 1930s to about 1990, steel pipes are gray or silver in appearance. They eventually wear down due to zinc erosion, which results in weak water pressure, clogs and rust.
  • Cast Iron – Used primarily in pre-1960s homes, cast iron eventually rusts and can be best repaired with plastic piping.
  • ABS – Considered a better, rust proof alternative to steel and iron, this plastic piping came into widespread use in the 1970s. However, the material was soon found to degrade quickly as is now banned in home construction.

Common DWV Problems

If your home is over 20 years old and you notice any of the following conditions, your DWV system could be leaking. Contact an Atlanta plumbing company immediately if you encounter:

  • Strange dripping sounds
  • Rusty puddles near faucets and drains
  • Rotten smells that are hard to pinpoint
  • Squeaks when water is turned off and on

The following are signs of a plumbing backup:

  • Stopped up toilets, tubs and sinks
  • Gurgling sounds from drains and toilets
  • Sewage smells from drains
  • Standing water in the basement

5 Common Myths About Plumbing

How to Best Maintain Your DWV System

No matter the kind of pipes in your home, there are common sense, preventative steps you can take to keep your plumbing running smoothly.

Don’t Wash Food and Hair Down Drains: Over time, food and hair particles will accumulate and lodge behind a drain’s J-bend, resulting in a large clog that will have to be removed by a professional plumber.

Don’t Over Use the Garbage Disposal: A garbage disposal is designed to handle small amounts of food particles only. Scrape large amounts of food into the garbage or compost pile to avoid wear and tear on your kitchen drain.

Clean Drains Naturally: Keep your drains running smoothly by cleaning them with a baking soda and vinegar solution. Put a cup of baking soda down the drain, add a cup of vinegar and let the solution bubble for 10 minutes. Follow up by pouring a pot of hot water down the drain to remove build-up.

Call the Atlanta Plumbers at R.S. Andrews for Help

If you’re experiencing problems with your DWV system, don’t go it alone. Most of the problems you will encounter with this vital system require the expertise of a trained, licensed, professional plumbing service.  Aside from that, we also offer sewer line services

At R.S. Andrews, we’ve been Atlanta’s tried and true plumbing contractors for over 40 years. We will get your pipes flowing again and ensure our work with a 100% guarantee

Highly Rated House Drainage, Waste, and Vent Line Services in Atlanta, Georgia

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