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Atlanta’s HVAC Maintenance Experts

R.S. Andrews: Atlanta’s HVAC Maintenance Experts

Every HVAC system requires regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to operate at the highest level of efficiency and enjoys a long and effective working life. At R.S. Andrews, we help homeowners maintain and get the most out of their HVAC systems each and every day. Call us today if you need an HVAC maintenance contractor in Atlanta– we’ll take the mystery out of your HVAC system, and help you make sure your system will be working efficiently for many years to come.

When we send one of our expert HVAC diagnostic service technicians to your house, he’ll help you determine what kind of HVAC maintenance you require. Whether it’s regularly changing your filter, having your HVAC machinery tune up on a regular basis, or ensuring that the proper amount of refrigerant charge is present, you’ll know what your system needs and why after your service visit from R.S. Andrews. HVAC maintenance need not be expensive to be highly effective in extending the life and effectiveness of your system, decreasing energy bills along the way.

It’s quite common for homeowners to neglect a properly scheduled changing of their heating, ventilation and air conditioning system filters. Unfortunately, the truth is that air filters should be changed or at least cleaned about once a month, especially during periods of peak seasonal use, in order to make sure your system is maintaining peak efficiency and performance. During the fall or spring, when less work is required by most HVAC systems, the filters need only be changed or cleaned less often, every three months or so.

Having your HVAC equipment tuned up on a regular basis is another crucial element in ensuring a long effective life for your system. R.S. Andrews offers comprehensive HVAC tune-ups in Atlanta. Our thorough checkup of your system includes tightening of all the various electrical connections and measuring of current and voltage on the motors, something that is often overlooked in these inspections but which can be as important as poor electrical connections when it comes to creating potentially dangerous situations during system operation.

We’ll also oil all the mechanical parts to help prevent excess wear caused by friction, thoroughly check the condensation drain on your unit to ensure there is no blockage that can lead to water damage and increased humidity levels in your house, and inspect the system controls to make sure everything is working correctly and safely and that your startup cycle equipment starts, runs and turns off properly.

We’ll also make sure that your HVAC unit has proper levels of refrigerant charge, as a well-charged unit will run more efficiently and last longer. Your R.S. Andrews technician will take the time to test and verify that your refrigerant is properly charged for maximally efficient operation and system life.

Regular service to your HVAC system by the experienced HVAC installation experts and trusted HVAC repair technicians at R.S. Andrews will save you time, money and headaches in the long run, so call today and make sure your system is running reliably for a long time to come.

An R.S. Andrews Mega AC Tune-up Goes Way Beyond Ordinary Tune-ups

Our Mega AC Tune-up Is So Complete, It Shouldn’t Be Called A Tune-up

We believe your air conditioner should perform at maximum efficiency. Anything less wastes your money every minute it runs. There is a better way.

Our Mega AC Tune-up goes beyond where other guys go

You call. We come. You’re Cool. That means an R.S. Andrews clean, screened, trained, and trusted emergency HVAC technician arrives and gets right to work performing a thorough diagnostic exam. We don’t just give your system a quick glance and maybe run a hose over the condenser like other guys.

Your R.S. Andrews Mega AC Tune-up Includes:

  • Changing your standard air filter
  • Checking refrigerant levels and pressure
  • Cleaning your HVAC unit’s condensate drain and tray
  • Verifying your thermostat is working
  • Measuring the current and voltage of your AC’s blower motor, compressor, and condenser fan
  • Inspecting the air handler and system fans
  • Inspecting the air plenum for loose duct connections and leaks
  • Checking electrical connections and components such as capacitors, contactors, and boards
  • Measuring amperages
  • Checking thermostat and batteries
  • Checking attic insulation
  • Setting fan speeds for correct airflow
  • Rinsing out the condenser coils
  • Inspecting and advising on indoor air quality products

We’re Not Done Till Your System Runs Like The Day It Was Installed

An R.S. Andrews Mega Tune-up is AC maintenance service so comprehensive your system will thank you with an extended cooling life and lower energy bills. That’s because we restore your air conditioning factory-fresh specs.

Schedule your system’s R.S. Andrews Mega AC Tune-up Now

Contact us online or call us at 770-913-6412 to schedule an appointment.

Comfort Goes Up. Energy Bills Go Down.

Annual R.S. Andrews Mega AC Tune-ups save you money by prolonging the life of your system and preventing surprise emergencies from happening when you least expect or need them. Your system runs better. You feel comfortable. And, best of all, more of your money stays in the bank.

Unless you like the idea of risking a sweaty summer, contact the Mega Tune-up air conditioning maintenance company in Atlanta: R.S. Andrews. Additionally, you don’t have to search for “heating services near me” because we’re here for you, ready to provide reliable services right at your doorstep.

Trusted HVAC Maintenance Services in Atlanta, Georgia

RS Andrews is located at 3617 Clearview Pkwy, Doraville, GA 30340. From Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL / KATL) head west on Maynard H. Jackson Jr. Blvd and keep right to continue on M H Jackson Service Rd. Then, keep left to stay on M H Jackson Service Rd and use the left lane to merge onto Maynard H. Jackson Jr. Blvd. Next, continue onto Charles W Grant Pkwy and turn left to merge onto I-75 S. At this point, merge onto I-75 S and take exit 238A to merge onto I-285 E toward Augusta. Next, take exit 32 for US-23/Buford Hwy toward Doraville and use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto US-23 S/Buford Hwy NE. Then, turn left onto Stewart Rd and turn right onto Clearview Ave. Finally, turn left onto Clearview Pl and then turn right where RS Andrews will be on the right.

We are open Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM.

For additional questions you can call us at (770) 674-8996 or you can find us on Yelp.

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