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Locating and Repairing Underground Wiring

Our skilled Atlanta electricians at RS Andrews, Inc. employ cutting-edge tools to identify the issue when it comes to locating and fixing subterranean wiring. Wire and cable tracing tools can help us locate problems brought on by splices, cut wires, ground faults, and other issues. After that, we rapidly fix the issue and put the region back to its pre-fault state.

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Any subterranean wire or cabling can be found and repaired by us, including:

Pole Lights Sub-Panel Feeders for Landscape Lighting

When your subterranean electrical wiring has been compromised in some way, ground faults can happen. Damage prevents current from getting to your electrical panel or outdoor lights, causing it to dissipate into the earth instead.

Tracking Down Underground Wiring

With the use of cutting-edge machinery, RS Andrews, Inc. offers underground wire locating and maintenance services. This enables us to locate damaged or broken underground wires and cables by tracing their paths (ground faults).

Using our electronic marker systems, you can find:

  • Service declines
  • Transformers and splices buried
  • Roadway illumination
  • Loops in distribution
  • Stubs of conduit
  • Lattice services
  • Buried splices
  • Dropped service buried
  • Bends include arcs and direction shifts.
  • Changes in depth: lateral deflection

We are able to locate the exact spot where the cable was damaged. Once the damaged wire has been found, it can be fixed rather than replaced.

Since digging up subsurface wires is the only way to fix them, we’ll need to pinpoint the specific location of the problem. To trace lines and repair subterranean wiring, RS Andrews makes advantage of the most recent advances in underground wire locating technology.

To find and trace wires, this specialist equipment sends a range of high-frequency trace frequencies into the ground. The underground wire locator establishes the position, depth, and direction of subterranean wiring based on the signal’s response.

The RS Andrews team can pinpoint precisely where to dig for your underground wiring repair thanks to this technology. With the use of these instruments, our highly skilled electricians can offer our cherished customers the quickest and most efficient underground wire repair service.

This adaptable technology is capable of finding flaws in various circumstances. Even the strength of any discovered flaws is calculated. You may experience a few minor subsurface failures without your home’s electrical system being significantly impacted. We avoid wasting time fixing something that isn’t a problem while leaving the true problem unresolved by employing our subterranean wire tracer.

Once our staff has located the damaged subterranean electrical wiring and has dug it up, we employ efficient rustless splicing methods to assure that you won’t ever need to be concerned about that issue again. Your subterranean wire repair will be completed in only a few hours overall.

Always go with a pro to fix underground wiring

Almost all electrical work is best left to the pros, and underground electrical wiring repair is no exception.

You’ve probably previously heard that you should contact your power company to ask about the location of any underground power lines before beginning any excavation tasks. You run a very real risk of electrocuting yourself in this situation since you are consciously digging up buried electrical cables.

Instead, you should entrust the crew at RS Andrews, Inc. with the repair of your subterranean wires. We have the expertise and understanding to complete the task safely while also providing accurate and timely results. There is no reason to jeopardize your safety by attempting to repair underground wiring yourself.

Repairing a wire has the following advantages over replacing it:

  • Repairing the cable may be far less expensive than replacing it.
  • For the repair, only the area above the break will need to be excavated. As a result, there will be less or no harm done to the landscaping and parking lots/driveways.
  • Usually, the repair can be finished in a few hours.

Because of the precision of our underground wire tracer and its potent fault-finding capabilities, we can complete repairs very rapidly. While dealing with other underground utilities can be a big job, fixing underground wiring just requires a small amount of yard digging.

Let our highly skilled Atlanta electrical wiring crew save the day; professional underground wire locating and repair is typically significantly superior than re-trenching and/or re-installing new cabling/wiring.

You will always receive qualified electricians from RS Andrews who can meet your electrical demands to the highest standard. If you need underground wire repairs for your sub-panel feeder, we can even restore power to your home the same day.

RS Andrews is located at 3617 Clearview Pkwy, Doraville, GA 30340. From Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL / KATL) head west on Maynard H. Jackson Jr. Blvd and keep right to continue on M H Jackson Service Rd. Then, keep left to stay on M H Jackson Service Rd and use the left lane to merge onto Maynard H. Jackson Jr. Blvd. Next, continue onto Charles W Grant Pkwy and turn left to merge onto I-75 S. At this point, merge onto I-75 S and take exit 238A to merge onto I-285 E toward Augusta. Next, take exit 32 for US-23/Buford Hwy toward Doraville and use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto US-23 S/Buford Hwy NE. Then, turn left onto Stewart Rd and turn right onto Clearview Ave. Finally, turn left onto Clearview Pl and then turn right where RS Andrews will be on the right.

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