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Backflow Testing Service | Backflow Testing Company in Atlanta, GA

R.S. Andrews is your trusted provider for backflow testing service in Atlanta, GA, ensuring your water remains safe and compliant with health standards. 

Why choose R.S. Andrews:

  • Established Reputation: Renowned in Atlanta since 1968 for reliability and trust.
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  • Precision in Practice: Utilize our advanced diagnostics for accurate backflow testing and maintenance.

Our expertise in backflow prevention and maintenance guarantees the safety and quality of your drinking water. 

Contact R.S. Andrews at (770) 674-8996 for reliable backflow testing service in Atlanta, GA.

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Backflow Testing Services

Backflow occurs when reversed water flow in a plumbing system risks contaminating the public water supply with harmful substances. Backflow testing services ensure drinking water remains safe and complies with health standards. Through extensive inspection and testing by qualified testers, potential risks in the water supply system are mitigated, maintaining the water’s safety and quality.

Importance of Backflow Testing

Backflow testing is important because of its role in protecting public health by ensuring the water supply is free from contaminants. Regular testing detects failures in backflow prevention devices early. This can prevent harmful pollutants from compromising the drinking water. It’s a crucial preventive measure that complies with health regulations, helping to avoid legal penalties and ensuring continuous access to clean water.

Ensuring Safe Water through Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention services involves installing specialized devices to stop contaminated water from flowing back into the public water system. This process, carried out by licensed master plumbers, is important for maintaining water purity and preventing health hazards. 

After installation, these devices must undergo initial and annual testing by certified testers to verify their operational integrity. This method is fundamental in sustaining the safety and reliability of the public water systems.

Backflow Test: How it Works

Backflow preventer testing ensures that prevention devices are operational, preventing contaminated water from reversing into the clean water supply. Through a systematic approach, backflow experts from certified companies ensure that these critical devices are not only installed correctly but also function flawlessly to prevent any risk of water supply contamination.

Here’s how it typically works:

Initial Check by a Backflow Specialist

A professional from a reputable company inspects the plumbing system to identify any risks and decides which prevention device is needed.

Prevention Device Installation

Experts install a backflow prevention device to ensure water flows in the correct direction, safeguarding our drinking water.

Testing by Backflow Experts

These specialists conduct thorough tests on the prevention device to verify its functionality and effectiveness in stopping backflow.

Repair and Maintenance

If issues are found during testing, backflow repair technicians diagnose and fix the device to ensure optimal performance.

Certification and Compliance Reporting

After successful testing, the backflow specialist certifies the device as compliant. The company then reports this certification to the relevant water authorities, completing the process. By entrusting backflow preventer testing to certified experts, we ensure that the water system is free from contaminants, adheres to safety standards, and maintains the health and safety of the public water supply.

When is Backflow Testing Service Performed?

Backflow testing is typically performed at least once a year to comply with regulations and maintain backflow compliance. Experts in backflow prevention from professional testing companies carry out these tests to certify that the water supply is protected against contamination.

R.S. Andrews recognizes the importance of regular backflow testing to safeguard public health and meet regulatory standards. That’s why we offer annual backflow testing services, conducted by our team of backflow experts. This annual schedule ensures that any potential issues are identified and rectified promptly, maintaining the integrity of the water supply system.

The timing for the backflow test is often dictated by local health and safety regulations, which require property owners to demonstrate backflow compliance. These regulations are in place to prevent any risk of pollution or contamination of the public water system. By adhering to these guidelines and conducting regular testing, we help ensure that water remains safe and clean for all users.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to ensure your water is safe from contamination. R.S. Andrews offers expert backflow testing services to protect your water supply from potential hazards. Our certified backflow specialists use the latest technology and methods to ensure your system meets all regulatory requirements and operates efficiently.

Why Choose R.S. Andrews for Your Backflow Preventer Testing?

Ensure your water system is safe and compliant by scheduling your backflow test with R.S. Andrews today. Protect your home or business from the dangers of backflow with our trusted, professional service.

Call us at (770) 674-8996  to schedule your backflow testing service with R.S. Andrews. Let us handle the complexities of backflow testing and compliance so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your water supply is in expert hands. 


What happens if a backflow preventer fails during a test?

If a backflow preventer fails during a test, R.S. Andrews will immediately diagnose the issue and perform the necessary backflow repair to ensure the device operates effectively. Our team of experts will then retest the device to confirm it meets all safety and compliance standards, ensuring your water supply remains protected against contamination.

How often should backflow preventer devices be replaced?

Backflow preventer devices don’t have a universal expiration date, as their lifespan can vary based on the type of device, the quality of water, and how often they are used and maintained. Generally, a backflow preventer might last anywhere from 5 to 15 years. However, it’s crucial to have these devices tested annually to ensure they are functioning correctly. If a device fails a test or shows signs of wear and deterioration, it may need to be replaced to maintain the integrity of the water supply system and comply with local regulations.

How long does a backflow testing appointment typically take?

The duration of a backflow testing appointment can vary depending on the system’s complexity and the property’s specific requirements. However, R.S. Andrews aims to conduct backflow testing efficiently and effectively, often completing the process within a few hours. Our team ensures minimal disruption to your daily activities while thoroughly assessing and testing your backflow prevention system.

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