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Expert Electrical Panel Repair in Atlanta GA

Taking Care of the Heart of Your Electrical System

Your electrical panel is the main distribution point for your home’s electrical circuits. This metallic box is the heart of your electrical system. And, like your heart, when it stops functioning properly, it means trouble.

If your electrical panel needs to be replaced or upgraded, R.S. Andrews’ clean, screened, trained, and timely electricians are ready to help with a panel inspection, replacement, or any other electrical needs.

As an experienced electrical panel repair contractor, we ensure your electrical system is safe and efficient.

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The Certified Atlanta Electricians at R.S. Andrews

We take your priorities and needs seriously, and to be sure we can meet your expectations, R.S. Andrews staffs only the most exceptional local electricians in Atlanta. Our electricians display not only some of the best training in the industry, but also a passion to deliver prime service. R.S. Andrews associates are always trustworthy, honest and punctual, and we are always happy to help!

We also offer the following services:

Breaker Panel Replacement

Your breaker panel is the heart of your entire home’s electrical infrastructure, which means malfunctions can be hazardous and disruptive. Once your panel has reached the end of its life span, you risk fire, electrocution, and damaged appliances. However, age isn’t the only reason households seek breaker panel replacement. The more appliances you add to your home, the more strain you put on your panel. An upgrade will help you to evolve in tandem with your electrical assets. You probably need a new panel if:

  • Your system experiences frequent trips.
  • Your breaker trips every time you connect a new appliance.
  • You’re still using a fuse box.
  • You see a black area on your wall or panel.
  • Your appliances tend to overheat.

Putting off a breaker panel upgrade exposes you to life-threatening hazards, so speak to R.S. Andrews about your replacement needs today.

Breaker Panel Repair

Your breaker panel is a delicate instrument, so breakdowns are a normal part of day-to-day life. Unlike the rest of your home, however, dragging your feet on a repair can lead to fires and electrocution, so you need a prompt Atlanta breaker panel repair team. Our licensed, certified team can resolve even the toughest challenges. They’re well-acquainted with the problems of old and new homes alike. Early repairs rely on early diagnosis, so pay attention to the subtle signs of malfunction. They include:

  • Frequent breaker flipping.An occasional flip due to too many appliances on a single breaker isn’t anything to be concerned with. But if your breakers begin flipping very frequently (and nothing has changed in your home’s electricity), it is likely a sign your breakers are wearing out.
  • Breakers won’t stay reset.After your breaker flips, your impulse is to naturally flip it back on. And rightfully so, since that’s what they’re for! But, if the breaker refuses to stay active (kicking back off within a minute or so) it’s a good sign you need some replacements or repair.
  • Acrid, burning or ‘ozone’ smells.If you ever note an odd smell, signs of charring or any indication that your panel is burning, melting or overheating, call a professional right away. These signs are very serious, and left alone could spell an electrical fire with a quickness.

At R.S. Andrews, we do whatever it takes to bring you the results you deserve. Our electricians will provide an accurate diagnosis and prompt repair.

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R.S. Andrews has been helping clients since the ’60s. With decades of experience and skill-building behind us, we offer some of the finest electrical services in the industry. We call our mascot “Smiley” because we’re in the business of delivering smiles. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we know you deserve the best.

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To avoid frustrating repairs and periods of inactive electricity, keep proactive! Your panel should be checked regularly by a licensed and trusted electrician to ensure everything is in solid working order. For best results, have a check done twice a year, particularly in older homes or homes that see large amounts of electrical use. If you’re searching for “electrical repair services near me“, R.S. Andrews is your go-to choice for reliable and professional service.

Having issues with your electrical panel? Contact the specialists at R.S. Andrews today to find the help you need! We provide unmatched skill and service, and at R.S. Andrews, your happiness is our top priority.

Top Rated Atlanta Electrical Panel Repair Services in Atlanta, Georgia

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