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Ductless Mini Splits in Atlanta, Georgia

So you want a system that not only provides excellent efficiency and plenty of comfort, but also doesn’t require ductwork? Well, that’s no trouble at all! Ductless (or Mini-Split) systems have been in high demand as of late, and the experts at R.S. Andrews can understand why. No other system provides the versatility and comfort of a ductless system, and we’re proud to bring our expertise in repair, replacement, installation and even maintenance.

Our specialists can offer:

Looking for unbeatable service for your ductless system in Georgia? Call on R.S. Andrews for all of your repair, replacement and maintenance needs! Get ahold of us online anytime, or via phone call at 770-913-6412.

The Benefits of a Mini-Split System

R.S. Andrews can give you a few reasons to go ductless:

  • Save money. Ductless systems use a system called “zoning” that allows you to directly control the temperature in every room where a unit is installed independently. This means you can keep rooms that are heavily used cooler, and ones that need less cooling can be left at a higher temperature. Convenient and cost effective!
  • Save space. Don’t like the bulk of a traditional central air system? No worries there, because a ductless unit can be installed high, or low, along walls or even behind furniture!
  • Save stress. Installation of a ductless system is fast in the hands of a certified professional like the ones at R.S. Andrews. This means you can get the cooling you need quickly, effectively and essentially on-demand.
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Atlanta Mini-Split Maintenance

Maintenance is absolutely crucial to the longevity and health for any HVAC system, but doubly so for a mini-split. Why? Because to obviate ductwork, the system requires a number of moving parts and components that other systems don’t have. If that sounds like a problem, it’s really not at all! In the hands of a professional, you’ll be enjoying the versatile comfort and control of your mini-split for years to come!

To ensure you’re getting the best results possible from your ductless system, and to avoid costly repairs and replacements, enroll in the R.S. Andrews Protection Plan!

Atlanta Mini-Split Repair

Professional repair shouldn’t be a common concern for those with a mini-split system, but even the strongest appliances need a little assistance now and again. When you’re having issues with your ductless AC, call on a R.S. Andrews specialist! Watch out for these potential signs that you need mini-split repair:

  • Weak or poor cooling. If your system just isn’t providing the level of comfort to which you are accustomed, a reason for repairs is almost certain.
  • Reduced efficiency. Noticing a hike in your energy costs? It’s not an unusual occurrence in Atlanta with our really quite hot summers. But if the temperatures are staying relatively level, but your costs are not, it’s time to look into professional repair!
  • Leaking. Whether it’s just water, or coolant, you shouldn’t be seeing any leaking! Your system relies on a very efficient and effective drainage system, and if it’s not performing properly, you may see pooling water and excessive condensation.

Atlanta Mini-Split Installation & Replacement

Whether you’re looking at getting your very first mini-split system, or it’s time to go in for a replacement, R.S. Andrews has you covered! Our certified HVAC specialists can provide the products, skill and service necessary to bring you the absolute best in Mini-split tech.

Not sure if a ductless system is the right choice for your Atlanta home? Contact R.S. Andrews to learn more about the benefits and options of a mini-split system!

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