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Sewage Pump Service in Atlanta

Sewage Pump Installation & Repair in the Atlanta, Georgia Area

Sewage pumps are most commonly needed in homes with finished basements that include bathrooms or laundry rooms, or in homes that have plumbing-related rooms located on the same level as the plumbing lines. Sewage ejector pumps work by moving both solid and liquid waste up (as opposed to most plumbing in your home that flows down) to get to your plumbing system’s disposal pipes and main sewer line. Because they can prevent you from having sewage backup problems, sewage pumps are not only helpful but often necessary.

If you need help deciding whether a sewage pump is the right choice for a bathroom in your home, contact the expert plumbing contractors at R.S. Andrews! We will happily explain what you need to consider before installing to help you make an informed decision.

How Do Ejector Pumps Work?

Ejector pumps work by holding a certain amount of sewage in a tank that also contains a float. When enough sewage enters the tank, the float will signal to the pump that it’s time to start ejecting the sewage. The pump will then move the sewage out of the tank to join the home’s plumbing pipes, which subsequently joins the main sewer lines and leaves your home. The system senses when the tank becomes empty because the float will touch the tank’s bottom. At that time the pump will shut off. Optional features for an ejector pump include a backup sewage pump that can ensure good performance or an alarm that alerts the homeowners if the pump fails.

Installing a sewage or ejector pump will include working with your sewer line, and work that involves a sewer line usually requires a permit. Imagine the mess that can occur if an ejector pump is not properly installed! Save yourself the potential stress and let an experienced licensed plumber perform your ejector pump installation for you.

For help choosing the right ejector pump, or for sewer pump installation for your Atlanta area home, trust R.S. Andrews to get the job done. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our work—you’ll think it’s perfect or you won’t pay! Contact us today!

Sewage Pump Maintenance

You will get the longest life out of your sewage pump if you follow two steps. First, only flush toilet paper down the toilet connected to your ejector pump (or any toilet for that matter!). Items that you should not flush include:

  • Disposable wipes
  • Cotton swabs and balls
  • Feminine products
  • Cat litter

The ejector pump is not designed to move those objects up and out of your home. Those items can create blockages and drainage problems. The second step that you should take is getting annual service from your plumbing contractor. The sewage pump service they perform will include:

  • Cleaning the pump
  • Oiling the motor
  • Inspecting the float to ensure it is performing accurately
  • Removing debris from inside the tank

If it’s time to get your annual sewage pump service, R.S. Andrews is the Atlanta plumbing company to call! Get in touch with our friendly and efficient plumbers today.

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