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How To Avoid The Ceiling Fan Blues

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re constantly looking for new ways to update and improve your home. We do it for efficiency. We do it to be more comfortable. We do it for the looks.

But what if you really like something and the home shows all tell you it’s a no-no? A lot of the flipping and decorating shows on HGTV will have you believing a ceiling fan is extremely unattractive. What is it they don’t like?

How To Avoid The Ceiling Fan BluesNoise

Especially with less expensive models, you can hear the whir from just about any place in the house. They clunk and ping as the blades rotate around.


Because they’re meant to light the room, the lighting kits pack a powerful lighting punch. The globes burn bright and become the center of focus, instead of the things that matter most.


If the ceiling fan wasn’t sized properly, it can overtake a room and make it difficult to ignore. In rooms with lower ceilings, it can even become hazardous to some of your taller friends.


The shades that surround the bulbs are often made from frosted glass or decorated with floral scenes. They are very outdated at best.


Many ceiling fans believe in the one color philosophy: white. The hardware shines around it in a brilliance of brass. Chains and switches made up of the same color combination only add to the ugliness.

You can move past all of this and find a ceiling fan you can live with and is beautiful too. It’s easy with what designers have produced for today’s homes. In fact, depending on your budget, today’s fans can truly be a sculptural work of art.

Pick the right fan for your space regarding style and proportion. If you have raised ceilings, show them off by choosing something big and bold.

But don’t worry if your ceilings are low. Not all fans need to be attention grabbers. Many of today’s fans quietly blend into the ceiling, are very quiet, and have the lights blend in with the blades to avoid the outdated globe look.

Also be conscious of where the fan will go. A fan in the kitchen needs different functionality than one for the bedrooms. There should be a decibel rating for bedroom fans to ensure they don’t keep you up all night long.

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