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The Dangers Of Deferring Your HVAC Maintenance

In good times and in bad, businesses look for ways to cut costs and add profits to the bottom line. And in an effort to minimize the costs they incur on a daily basis, some turn to deferring maintenance – putting off repairs and upgrades on their HVAC systems until it is absolutely necessary.

The problem?The Dangers Of Deferring Your HVAC Maintenance

Deferring costs may be a short term solution to budget issues, but it can weigh heavily on profits when dire situations present themselves down the road.

At first glance, it seems like the easiest thing to do. Large HVAC costs can put a damper on budgets. If a system is running within the parameters established, why work on something that is running smoothly? This can happen year after year, without issue. And it can make sense to a CEO who is attempting to maximize profits.

What happens when a company has a chiller failure in the middle of summer without a backup cooling system in place?

What happens with a decade-old air exchanger stops working on the coldest day of the year?

Or another has an HVAC coil freeze up and cause extensive water damage throughout the building?

All of these are true case scenarios that could have been prevented with a little maintenance along the way. In most cases, potential problems are found and repaired before they turn into major issues.

But the situation doesn’t end there. In some cases, HVAC equipment keeps working year after year, without the knowledge of a potential problem in the air. Yet a problem does occur, and a failed damper in the HVAC system creates a negative pressure environment and draws in sewer gas through the exhaust fans. This can pose severe health risks to the building occupants.

Think that sounds extreme? HVAC systems can start to break down in many ways, including a build up or organic debris near the cooling towers. Even if they are treated with chemical solutions, it doesn’t take long for bacteria to outweigh the effective measures one puts into place. If biological growth sets in, it can quickly grow and begin impacting the health of everyone in the building.

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Deferred maintenance costs may seem like a wise way to cut costs in the short run, but if a major setback occurs because of major failure or a health risk, it can put both profits and your personnel at risk. If you need service from a professional, or more information, call R.S. Andrews!

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