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Detecting Gas Leaks In Your Atlanta Home

When natural gas leaks into an enclosed space, like a basement, it can be a serious, sometimes fatal problem. While the most common cause of death is asphyxiation, natural gas can also sometimes explode into a fireball that quickly consumes the entire house.

Detecting gas leaks before they turn into serious problems is a must. And in many ways, the utility companies have made the process easier.

A sulfur smell – in its pure form, natural gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless. So utility companies add a substance called mercaptan to increase its detection.

A hissing sound – if a crack or failed seal occurs in the pipe, natural gas will seep through and cause a hissing noise either near the pipe or an appliance.

A flame – an open flame can result if a leak has found a source of ignition, like a pilot light or an electrical spark.

Dead vegetation – natural gas is lighter than air and will rise to the surface. If vegetation quickly dies or loses its vibrant color, it may be a sign of a leak.

Dust or dirt blowing – because natural gas is lighter than air, it can bubble up from underground and cause the soil to move around.

If you think you have a natural gas leak, it’s imperative that you take action quickly.

Leave the area immediately and call your natural gas utility.

Do not operate any electrical device or appliance. Operating can inadvertently cause a spark or static charge that can ignite the leaking gas.

Do not shut off the supply or try to find the leak yourself. Only a trained gas fitted plumber, HVAC technician, or trained gas technician should shut off the gas supply and attempt gas line repairs, addressing any damage to pipes and appliances impacted in the process.

Regular maintenance and understanding the benefits of gas line pressure testing are important in preventing leaks. Pressure testing can identify weak points or potential leaks in your gas lines, ensuring they are safe and secure before they become a serious problem.

Natural Gas Plumbers in Atlanta

Once the leak has been stopped, a qualified professional will repair the leak and get your home back to normal working condition. If you need an Atlanta natural gas leak plumber now, call us today at 770-913-6412. 

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