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Are Your Furnace Noises Normal?

Are Your Furnace Noises Normal?

In some cases, you expect your HVAC system to make noises as it works throughout the day. It takes a lot of energy to push air from the furnace through the duct work, and out through the vents in each room.

Slowly, over time, things begin changing. A hiss here, a whistle there. Something tells you those noises might not be normal. But the furnace is still working; your house is still warm. Why not wait for another day?

As homeowners, we fall into that pattern all too easily. Why worry about small things when we have so much on our minds? Why not wait until we have to deal with it instead?

Those tiny noises you begin hearing along the way are attempting to tell you something. And the sooner you act, the less repair work may be needed. Which of course translates to lower costs for you.

Do you hear a popping or ticking noise as the furnace heats up? This can be signaling a variety of things, including a loose fan, a worn motor bearing, a sticky gas valve, or maybe undersized ducts. A bearing going bad, for example, can quickly turn from bad to worse. These noises are the start of something bigger; the sooner you fix the problem, the less repair work you’re likely to have.

Do you hear squealing or a high pitched whine? This can be a sign of worn out parts, a furnace that is aging and breaking down over time. Today’s furnaces have an average lifespan of around fifteen years. As the equipment approaches that age, it may be in more need of repair work to keep it functional. A regular maintenance schedule can add life to your equipment, talk with a technician today.

Do you hear metal on metal noise? That awful scraping noise is hard to ignore. These noises vary in what’s wrong with your furnace, but anytime you hear something horrific, it’s time to turn off the system and call in a professional. Something has broken, and it’s best to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Furnace noises are easy to miss because we get used to them over time. Pay attention to what your furnace is trying to tell you. Those tiny noises can add up. No matter how strange the noise may seem, a maintenance call can get your HVAC system checked out and have the problem dealt with right away.

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