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A Guide To Kitchen Pendant Lights

Are you looking for a way to update your kitchen, bring in more light, and add to the ambiance too? Look no further than pendant lights.

The kitchen pendant light can be the focal point of the kitchen. It’s an important fixture that helps with everyday tasks, and adds to the decor too. While there may seem to be an infinite amount of possibilities, there are a few things to keep in mind as you finalize your decision.A Guide To Kitchen Pendant Lights

Pendant lights come in many forms, styles, and effects. For this reason, it’s wise to start thinking about the end result first. Are they used for lighting up the workspace, or simply for ambiance?

The type of illumination often depends on your workspace. If you have large windows with a lot of natural light, task lighting might be needed in certain spots and to control lighting when the sun goes down. If you already have pot lights in the ceiling, pendant lighting might be more decorative to catch the eye.

Pendant lights are typically chosen with one of four goals in mind.


If you need your pendants to help with tasks such as chopping, you’ll want a lighting fixture that focuses the light down. It should have an open or translucent bottom to let out a maximum amount of light. Keep in mind that this has the potential for creating the harshest light. Open bottom fixtures can create an overwhelming amount of light. Consider using dimmers to allow for adjustable light to match your needs.


Ambient light is often referred to as general lighting. Instead of focusing light in spot locations, it provides lighting for a more general purpose. If you want pendants to help brighten the whole room, it’s better to use multiple pendants throughout rather than using a larger pendant with a brighter bulb. Multiple pendants can spread the light over the entire surface area.


Accent lighting highlights design features within your kitchen. Have an art piece you love? Want to put the focus on a particular part of your room? Accent lighting is for you. Typically, pendant lighting isn’t used for accenting specific things on the wall – a painting, for instance. Instead, pendants can be used to accent a beautiful wood countertop or wash light over a savored commercial oven. Pendants can also help bring out flecks of color in marble or stone counters.


This provides an accent to your room’s decor. If you already have sufficient lighting throughout the room, decorative pendants can simply be added to add accent the theme of the room. They create a big impression without casting targeted lighting.

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So what’s the best pendant lighting for your home? We can help you make the decision and ensure they are installed properly in whichever location is best to suit your needs.

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