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The Most Common Commercial HVAC Problems and How To Fix Them

How Does HVAC Impact the Spread of Coronavirus?

Building managers are preparing their reopening strategies. During preparation, cleaning, PPE, and social distance policies are at the top of the strategy list. As you prepare for a reopening, you also need to think about your HVAC system.

Does air filtration and ventilation reduce coronavirus spread? Can the recirculated air spread the virus?

Can the Virus Spread Through the HVAC System?

There is some evidence that the particles can spread farther when there is an HVAC unit in the building. There was a case in Wuhan, China where an asymptomatic person sat near an air conditioning vent and nine other diners contracted the virus. While this may be alarming news, it will not necessarily translate to your building.

Do All Buildings Have the Same Concerns?

All buildings are different. The problems that a diner may have are going to be different than an office building, school, or store where there are social distancing practices. The diner case occurred without social distancing practices. It helps to have your HVAC up to date on all repairs and filtration systems. The CDC also recommends that you use outdoor air as much as possible to circulate through the building. Building managers can open windows and doors to help with circulation.

Is Fresh Air Important?

Fresh air is crucial! The fresher air that you can get into your building, the better. Forced air systems are not necessarily dangerous, but you do want to look for ways to flush the air as often as possible in spaces where there are no occupants. While there are still some questions regarding what types of filters can help with the spread of the virus, higher MERV rates on HVAC filters are best.

If you are preparing your building for a reopening, you still want to think about your HVAC system. For more information on your current HVAC system, contact R.S. Andrews by calling 770-766-7354 or emailing us today!

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