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How Duct Cleaning Can Improve Your Commercial HVAC Performance

Commercial buildings are rarely without conditioned air. The HVAC systems onsite move from heating to cooling and back again, all in an attempt to keep the space at a consistent temperature. 

That means your duct work is in constant motion, having air flow through it most of the year. 

How Duct Cleaning Can Improve Your Commercial HVAC PerformanceClogged equipment, no matter how small the clog is, will run into problems eventually. By cleaning ducts and scheduling regular maintenance on your HVAC system, it can help you identify and rectify any airflow issues you may have throughout your office. Issues like:

Clogs – dust, dirt, pollen, germs, and even pests can cause problems in your ducts. If you’ve recently renovated office space, you might find dust and debris from building materials too. 

Leaks – even small leaks can allow conditioned air to seep out before it reaches its final destination. 

Closed vents – how many people throughout the building attempt to warm up their spaces by closing a vent? You might be surprised. You’ll also be surprised how much dust can build up if it’s been closed for any length of time. 

Insufficient ventilation – some commercial spaces change shape and functionality on a regular basis as tenants come and go. Has your ventilation structure changed with it? 

While cleaning your ductwork, it also gives a technician a chance to see what weaknesses have built up in your system over years of use. Because of the significant changes that can happen to a commercial property over its lifetime, ducts eventually become:

Too small – if your ducts aren’t proportioned correctly and designed for how the space works, it works harder trying to overcompensate for the problem. 

Too flexible – flexible duct materials make it possible to weave a ductwork system anywhere. That can also be its problem if the conditioned air stalls in too many twists and turns. It also increases the chances for leaks to form. 

Too minimal – is your HVAC system properly rated for the size and structure of your building? If your HVAC unit is too far away, it can have trouble properly conditioning the air on every floor, especially if it’s sized improperly. 

If it isn’t performing to your expectations, it’s time to call in the professionals. 

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