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Should Your Insurance Claim and Restoration Include Duct Cleaning?

Should Your Insurance Claim and Restoration Include Duct Cleaning

The scenario is all too familiar.

A water heater bursts. A washing machine overflows. A pipe behind the wall begins to leak. And before you know it, extensive water damage occurs throughout your home.

The first place to start is to stop the water flow.

The second step is to begin clean up. Yet cleaning up from a water disaster is different than most. With water, you can start my absorbing the water and drying out the area. But water damage goes beyond what you can see. It can take weeks, months to show its true impact. And when it does, it can quickly spell disaster.

That’s why it’s important to do a thorough clean up from the moment the damage occurs. That means beyond what is visible to the naked eye. That means going deeper into your home to make sure all of the damage is cleared.

And that can be expensive.

Luckily, that’s why we take out homeowners insurance policies. For the just-in-case situations that create big messes.

If you have water damage, starting with the obvious is a great place to start. But also remember to look beyond the obvious, deep within your walls. As water moves, it can get into the tiniest cracks, settle in, and begin to spread. Which is why you shouldn’t overlook your ductwork.

If you have an insurance claim for damages caused by water, sewer line damage, fire, or biological growth, make sure you use a reputable company to both find and clean all potential damage.

Once your home is cleaned, duct cleaning should be the last phase of the process. It is imperative that you remove any remnants of the disaster to avoid odors and bacteria that can be left behind.

When was the last time your ductwork was cleaned?

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