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Is Your Older Home Insulated Enough?

Did you know 90 percent of homes across America are underinsulated? The older your home, the higher the chance it has of not being as efficient as it could be.

What that means to you as a homeowner is you’re spending more money than you should on heating and cooling your home.

  • Do you have hot or cold spots you’re always trying to overcompensate for?
  • Is it tough getting each level of your home adequately heated or cooled?
  • Have your energy costs continued to rise?
  • Does your HVAC equipment seem to run more than it used to?

Is Your Older Home Insulated Enough?All are signs your older home might not be insulated enough.

What to know about attic insulation

When most people think about home insulation, it usually starts up in the attic. Adding a new layer of insulation shouldn’t be your first step without taking into consideration R-value.

R-value is the measurement used to determine how well insulation resists heat flow. A higher R-value means less heat escapes from your home, which means your home retains its temperature better on each level.

According to Energy Star, most home attics need an R-value of R-38, which equals approximately 10 to 14 inches of attic insulation. You can estimate by taking a look in your attic and seeing how much is in place. You shouldn’t be able to see the floor joists with the proper amount.

Should I consider adding more insulation?

Because 90 percent of homes are underinsulated, there’s a good chance your home falls into that category.

The best way to tell is by having us perform an energy audit. We can determine how much attic insulation you currently have in place, and show you how much you’ll save by increasing the amount.

It is important to note that many older homes have insulation with asbestos. Asbestos isn’t harmful unless it is disturbed. Don’t attempt to move it or replace it without proper training and equipment. Often, we can increase the amount of insulation you currently have by adding to your existing levels. We ensure you and your family are safe in the process.

It’s easy to find out how much you’ll save – give us a call today. We can evaluate your home and give you a good idea of what new attic insulation will do for your energy costs.

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