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Is Your Atlanta Shower Too Hot or Too Cold?

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you just can’t get the shower to the right temperature. A little to the left and it’s so hot it turns your skin red. A little to the right and it’s so cold you jump out of the way.

What causes that? Is it your shower fixture? Is it your water heater? What can you do to get the temperature just right?

Adjust Your Water Heater Temperature

The first thing to check is your water heater to ensure it is set at the proper temperature. In most cases, setting it to 120 degrees will provide you optimum temperature for your household needs. This is warm enough to fight off growth of bacteria, and warm enough to give you an ample supply needed for your household chores.

If you have young children or elderly residents, turning it down can prevent burns if they accidentally turn on one for the other, expecting a different temperature. Some water heaters make this easy, with a dial in place that allows you to adjust by turning. Others have a hidden panel that can be accessed by removing the cover and adjusting the gauge.

Adjust The Valve

If you only notice the problem in one place – your shower – it might be easier to adjust the temperature at the source rather than working with your entire water supply. Underneath your shower fixture is a shower valve stem. It depends on the type of fixture you have, but in most cases, it can be accessed by removing the handle and taking off the protective cover to expose the valve stem. Turn it until you have your desired temperature, and it feels comfortable to the touch.

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