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Your Atlanta Home’s Spring Cleaning Should Include An Air Conditioner Tune Up

If you read any home maintenance articles, they will tell you that spring is the perfect time for tuning up the major appliances throughout your home. While you’re cleaning out the gutters and putting away the heavy covers that protected everything for the winter, don’t forget to spring clean your air conditioner too.

What does that mean?

It depends on the  HVAC company.

Those inexpensive coupon deals you find in the coupon packets sent to your home might not lead you to the best service possible. Many of these coupon deals allow an HVAC company to come in for a very low price, give them access to your system to tweak a few things here and there, followed by the opportunity to recommend larger repairs or even suggest upgrading to new equipment.

That’s a whole lot more than what you anticipated with your low price coupon deal.

While all coupon deals aren’t bad things, you should look for an air conditioning tune up:

That measures airflow. Airflow is critical for both capacity and efficiency. Most air conditioners require 400 cfm of air to operate at capacity. There are three ways to measure airflow, through static pressure measurement, a tru-flow air meter, or a duct traverse. Testing will give you a true picture of how well your air conditioner is operating.

That ensures the condenser is clean. The outdoor unit should be sprayed and cleaned thoroughly.

That measures both indoor and outdoor conditions to determine the required super heat measurement that sets proper refrigerant charge. From there, the refrigerant is set accordingly.

That cleans and repairs the overall system. Sure, the “specials” that offer to clean and oil and repair blower wheels and other parts is a part of a regular tune up; just not the only service required.

HVAC Maintenance in Atlanta

Are you ready for spring cleaning? Is it time to get your air conditioning system ready for the heat wave that will be here before you know it?

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