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Why You Should Choose UL Certified Products

Still in love with the old lamp by your bedside table? Or how about the antique fan that cools you in your living room?

While virtually every room has multiple appliances we leave plugged into the wall each day, most of us have never given a thought about their safety. 

What does UL mean?Why You Should Choose UL Certified Products

UL – Underwriters Laboratories – is an independent, not-for-profit organization that tests and certifies product safety. They’ve been doing this since 1894, over a century of testing products and their components to assure they meet rigorous standards. 

What “listed” means

The UL publishes a listing of products that have been tested and comply with their standards and guidelines. It also states which products have gone through periodic inspections to ensure they remain in accordance with the listing. If a product is listed, it guarantees the product fully complies with the UL standards, and therefore has the right to bear the UL Mark. 

Why should you look for UL listed products?

The UL listing is independent of the products and companies you do business with. Think of them as your third party certification. When you see the UL Mark, you know that an independent resource has tested the product to ensure its safety. 

You should also understand what the marks mean. The UL lists products as listed or classified; they aren’t the same thing. If they are classified, it means the product has been evaluated only for specific hazards, and it’s only been checked under limited conditions. 

If a product is UL listed, it has received the full testing and conforms to all UL requirements. This ensures you the product has received numerous safety testing results and is a safe product to bring into your home. 

When in doubt, you can always search the online directory that includes companies authorized to use the UL Mark. This ensures that they meet standards and are in full compliance with UL requirements. 

While the UL Mark is widely accepted through the US, it also has a growing global presence. It’s currently accepted in 104 countries and appears on more than 22 billion products. It helps set safety standards across North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Having a UL Mark is just one more way to ensure the safety of your family. 

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