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Atlanta, Georgia Arc Fault Breaker Services

A complex network of electrical gadgets and wiring is concealed throughout your Atlanta, Georgia, home in places like the drywall, the ceilings, and even the floors. This enables you to use your regular appliances, outlets, and devices without giving much care to where they acquire their power. The electrical systems in your home are something that we at RS Andrews are intimately familiar with. Arc fault breaker services in Atlanta are only one of the high-quality services we offer you to keep your house efficient and safe.

Arc fault circuit breakers can assist safeguard your home’s electrical systems and keep you safe from potentially dangerous fire risks. By avoiding unintentional arcs within your home’s electrical system and equipment, arc fault circuit interrupters assist maintain your system tight and secure. It’s time to contact the experts at RS Andrews if your arc fault breaker keeps tripping. We can inspect and diagnose any issues with your electrical system.

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What is an Arc Fault Breaker?

A circuit breaker called an arc fault circuit interrupter, sometimes referred to as an AFCI or an arc fault breaker, aids in protecting the electrical fixtures and services in your home against unexpected electrical arcs. To protect your home from hazards like loose electrical connections, these AFCI breakers rapidly interrupt the active circuit when they notice abrupt electrical discharges.

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Atlanta’s Top Arc Fault Breaker Services

Nobody in Atlanta provides superior arc fault breaker services like the licensed electricians at RS Andrews. To provide you with high-quality service, our team members have received extensive training and education. To assist make your home safe and dependable when it comes to electrical systems and arc fault circuit interrupter services anyplace in Atlanta, Georgia, by having the proper tools, knowledge, and experience.

For an appointment with one of our electricians in Atlanta, Savannah, Alpharetta, and surrounding areas, call us at 770-913-6412 or send a message online.

Atlanta AFCI Installation

Our licensed electricians in Atlanta can assist in securing your home’s electrical system so that it remains secure with expert AFCI installation. Arc fault circuit interrupters are crucial to the security of your home’s electrical appliances and systems. For this reason, you can count on us to provide expert AFCI installation services in Atlanta that can protect your home from unexpected electrical arcs.

Knowing where AFCI breakers must be installed will help you make sure that your home’s electrical system and services are safe, up to code, and working properly. All 15 and 20 amp branch circuits that supply electricity to outlets and the following locations in your Atlanta, Georgia residence must have AFCI breakers.

  • Family areas
  • Eating areas
  • Living rooms
  • Dens and parlors
  • Bedrooms
  • Closets
  • Corridors
  • Sunrooms
  • Recreational spaces

Fault Protection by AFCI

With the aid of our arc fault breaker services in Atlanta, you can assist in preventing unexpected electrical arcs that could become dangerous in your home. When electrical arcs happen, AFCI fault protection steps in to break the circuit and disconnect the power, reducing the likelihood of a fire. The electricians at RS Andrews recognize how crucial reliable arc protection is for you and your house, which is why we only offer the best AFCI installation services in Atlanta.

Your arc fault breaker is tripping; why?

Your arc fault breaker may be tripping for a number of reasons, but the most frequent ones are incorrectly installed wiring and broken or mismatched equipment. Arc fault circuit breakers and arc fault circuit interrupters need particular wiring, thus they should be installed by a licensed electrician to ensure that you have the required wiring. Sparks or tripped breakers may result from a circuit overload brought on by incompatible or defective devices.

You may assist lower the risk of electrical fire and limit arc fault breaker tripping by making sure your equipment are compatible with the electrical systems in your home and that your arc fault breakers are professionally installed.

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What Causes an Arc Fault?

It’s likely that you have loose wiring or rusted connections if you have arc issues. An electrical fire risk can arise from loose wiring, corroded wires, and connections that cause your power to arc, spark, and possibly generate more heat. This could be a sign of a short circuit or an issue with the ground wire, which needs to be fixed by an electrician who is both qualified and experienced.

Trusted Arc Fault Breaker Services in Atlanta

At RS Andrews, we constantly prioritize your security and satisfaction above everything else. Our aim is to supply your home with the electricity, equipment, and electrical systems it needs to operate safely and efficiently. Making it a dependable source of power that allows you to unwind while taking advantage of all the modern conveniences that technology has to offer.

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