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3 Expensive Myths You Might Believe About Your Air Conditioner

When the weather turns hot here in Atlanta, how do you operate your air conditioner? Are you using it in a way to optimize efficiencies? Or have you fallen for one of these myths?

Myth 1: Air conditioners use refrigerant

3 Expensive Myths You Might Believe About Your Air ConditionerYou power up your lawn mower with gasoline. You fill your car up with a variety of fluids from windshield washer fluid to oil and gas. And you fill your air conditioner up with refrigerant, right?

The reality is a home’s AC unit does not use refrigerant. Instead, your air conditioner’s refrigerant is sealed into the system and shouldn’t have an opportunity to escape. When you hear your HVAC technician say you need more refrigerant, it’s because your AC unit has a leak.

Myth 2: Select the largest air conditioner you can find

When you select a larger, more powerful system, it must make your home operate more efficiently. While that theory may work well in some cases, it isn’t true with your AC unit.

Sizing your air conditioner to meet your home’s needs is important to ensure it can keep up with demand. Select an AC unit too large and it will cool your home too quickly. When the unit cycles on and off and quick bursts, it doesn’t run long enough to dehumidify your home. Select an AC unit too small, and it won’t be able to keep up with the demands of your home. An improper size means your AC unit isn’t running as it should, which can cause the equipment to fail quicker, and can run up your energy bill by trying to fulfill demands.

Myth 3: Using the thermostat to control the coolness

Ever forgot to turn the AC unit to its proper temperature and walked into a hot, stuffy home? Think pushing your thermostat down as low as it can go will cool your home the fastest way possible? Think again.

The thermostat isn’t like a gas pedal in your car. It won’t go all in with just a flip of the switch. Instead, your thermostat is simply an on/off switch, telling your AC unit it’s time to kick in. If you push the switch as low as it can go, your AC unit will run until it hits your desired mark. If you forget about it, that means it will keep producing cold air long after it reaches your desired temperature. That means both more wear and tear on your equipment, and a higher energy bill for you.

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