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3 Smart Ways To Get Your Atlanta Home Ready For The Winter

Snow. Ice. Shorter days and longer nights. Even the thought can be a little dreary as we move away from the warmth of summer. There’s just something about coming home from work in the dark that can make your mood anything but cheery. 

If you’re already dreading the winter months, and are looking for ways to enjoy your inside time a little more, maybe it’s time to consider smart technology. By adding a few smart home features, you may actually look forward to coming home at night.3 Smart Ways To Get Your Atlanta Home Ready For The Winter

Try adding these few smart features and make your home a little more efficient in the process. 

Lighting Control Systems

Part of what makes your home dreary in the winter is coming home to a dark house. Lighten it up with smart lighting controls. By adding smart technology to your lighting system, you can control both indoor and outdoor lights in any manner you choose. Have lights turn on outside as the sun fades away. Have indoor lights turn on based on your schedule – adjust as you rise for the day, or turn on just as you’re heading home from the office. This means you won’t waste electricity by leaving lights on all day. You can even adjust the lights for security if you won’t be home for the night. 

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great way to program your home’s heating and cooling needs based on your schedule. Why waste money keeping a home at a certain temperature if you’re not at home to enjoy it? Start by using pre-programmed temperatures. With smart technology, you can also adjust the temperature if you’re not there. Decide to head out to dinner instead of returning home after a hard day at the office? Simply login and change your settings. 

Upgrade Your Living Space

Because winter nights mean more time spent in your home, why not give yourself a few new luxuries? Smart home theaters can maximize your entertainment experience. Why not install a new gas fireplace? Or upgrade your kitchen to spend more time cooking and baking with the family? Thanks to today’s changing technology, virtually everything can be upgraded to include smart features. The key is in making sure your home is wired properly for the added capacity, and to ensure your home stays safe in the process. 

From upgrading your outlets to installing whole home surge protection, we can help you create the perfect space for you. 

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