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3 Ways To Add Smart Technology To Your Home For The Ultimate Energy Savings

Did you know your heating and cooling system consumes almost half of your monthly energy bill? 

And the problem with most households is they don’t think twice about how efficient their HVAC systems are. For most, the furnace, air conditioner, and ventilation system are “out of sight, out of mind.” 3 Ways To Add Smart Technology To Your Home For The Ultimate Energy Savings

But becoming more energy conscious doesn’t mean you’ll have to invest thousands in a new system. It doesn’t mean remodeling your home. To see energy savings almost immediately, you can add smart technology and quickly see results. 

You’ve probably seen a lot of gadgets in your local big box store and wondered how they work. Do they really help you save money? Or are they just another way to get you to spend, with little savings on the other end?

The problem with most energy savings tips from the past is they require human intervention. Turning the thermostat up or down every time you leave for the day is a good idea, but have you ever sat down at your desk at the office only to remember you forgot to adjust the temperature? Yep, best intentions …

Smart technology is designed to take human intervention away, and give you real energy savings you can see. They make sure the adjustments are made every day, without you having to remember it before you walk out the door. 

Smart technology also performs tasks that you can’t. When you use smart technology in your home, it can track measurements and movements throughout your day. It can adjust the temperature based on learned behavior. It can also make adjustments to create a more energy friendly home. It pays attention, so you don’t have to. And that’s a good thing to have when you’re attempting to run a busy household. 

What are the best gadgets to invest in now?

Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat uses home sensors, your mobile device’s GPS, and lifestyle habits to determine what you do during the day. It can begin to set the temperature based on what you do – go to work, play with the family, or go to sleep. It doesn’t make sense to keep a home up to temperature if nobody is there. Smart technology ensures your home is comfortable when you’re there to enjoy it, and stay energy efficient when you’re not. 

Smart ceiling fan

Ceiling fans can help keep you cool on the warmest days of the year. But it doesn’t make sense to operate a ceiling fan all day long – only when you’re in the room to enjoy it. Smart ceiling fans are coming on the market fast, and they can help you in many ways. They have motion sensors, humidity sensors, and thermometers to determine the appropriate speed for the situation, and the correct intensity of light depending on your demands. 

Smart vents

If you live in a large home, do you have rooms that are only used at certain times of the week? You may love your game room or your movie theater, but are they used on weekends only? Smart vents are designed to help you control the temperature in each room according to your likes and lifestyle. Maybe one person prefers it colder while they sleep. Maybe you want more air flow in your home gym. Smart vents are designed to take all of that into consideration when it releases air into each room. If you simply flip off vents to certain rooms, it can cause equipment damage when the ventilation system isn’t working as it was designed. But by using smart vents, you’re directing air flow rather than stopping it altogether. It’s a smarter way to control the temperature in every room in your home. 

Looking for the perfect way to gain energy savings by using smart technology? Give us a call today; we have a lot of great ideas. 

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