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4 Easy Habits for Water Conservation

plumbing-300x251With Atlanta water shortages all too common, it’s a good idea for all homeowners to look at ways that they can use less water. Luckily, conserving water can be completely painless, and as easy as establishing a few common-sense practices in your home that can help you save hundreds of dollars a year.

  • Take shorter showers. If you and other members of your household can limit your showers to less than ten minutes, you can save big on your water bill. R.S. Andrews can also help you find and install a shower head designed specifically to limit water usage.
  • Only run the dishwasher when it is full. Think about it this way – a dishwasher uses the same amount of water whether it has only a few dishes in it or is completely filled, so by running it when it is partially empty, you are wasting water that could have been used to wash many more dishes. R.S. Andrews can install an energy efficient dishwasher that will also help limit water usage, so contact us today if you have questions about dishwashers.

There are ways to save water used on the outside of your home as well.

  • Put any yard sprinklers on a timer so they don’t just run all day or night, and use a broom to clean off your driveway instead of spraying it down with a hose. Since almost 70% of water usage occurs outside the home, being mindful of water usage in your yard can save you big.
  • Turn off your water main when you go on vacation. If you turn off the water completely, there’s no chance that there will be any leaking, even if you accidentally left on of your water outlets running! That’s a sure way to save money, especially if you have any leaks that haven’t been attended to yet.

For more helpful tips, check out our Homeowner Tips page, and don’t forget you can also submit a question to one of R.S. Andrews’ expert plumbers and receive a quick, accurate answer to any of your plumbing, heating or HVAC questions.

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