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4 Signs It’s Time For New Bathroom Plumbing

Have an older home? You may be content with the appearance of your decades-old bathroom fixtures, but what about what lies behind them in your walls?

Bathrooms live with some of the harshest wear and tear of any room in your home. With the constant flush, daily showers and baths, and the endless on/off use of the sink, your plumbing will eventually need replacement.

Sometimes it may be as simple as a cosmetic repair. In other cases, a substantial overhaul may be necessary. Here are five signs that it may be time to replace your bathroom plumbing.

1. Outdated or defective hardware

Not only do bathroom fixtures such as showerheads and sink hardware have wear and tear by daily use, but they also wear down from a constant flow of water. Older hardware can make your bathroom look dated. Older hardware can also be dangerous to your health, especially if bits of metal chip off and are caught in the water stream. Replacing hardware can be fairly straightforward, but make sure you turn off the water supply before attempting work, and call in a professional plumber if you encounter any problems.

2. Water problems

Water problems can turn into serious issues very quickly. If you have a persistent leak or faulty water line, a plumbing upgrade is mandatory. If you turn on a fixture and water dribbles or runs out and leaves a puddle on the floor, your hardware isn’t sealed properly. In addition, be aware of any drainage issues that won’t go away. If more than one appliance has drainage issues at a time, it could be a sign of a more serious problem, such as a clog in your water main.

3. Poor water volume

Sometimes your water level seems to decrease over time. Your shower just doesn’t have the same pressure as it use to. Plumbing can start to degrade, pipe diameters narrowing, causing water volume coming out at the fixture to decrease. This can affect all of your water sources, but you’ll most likely notice it the most with your showers. This problem often requires full pipe replacement.

4. Poor water quality

Ever have a funny smell when you turn on the water? Or the water comes out rusty or cloudy? Many water heaters contain steel rods covered in aluminum, zinc, or magnesium. Corrosive or bacterial elements present in your water heater tank are attracted to this rod and won’t enter your pipes. But over time, these rods break down and stop functioning, causing the smelly water or changing colors. It’s often a sign that the water heater needs replacing.

Plumbing Upgrades in Atlanta

Upgrades to your hardware or plumbing will not only improve the look of your bathroom, but will add to the safety of your home as well. Think of it as a long term investment in making your house the best it can be. Contact us now to get started!

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