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5 Causes Of A Garbage Disposal Leak

A garbage disposal is a fairly simple piece of machinery. Yet there are several different places within the system that can spring a leak. Between all of the multiple inlets, outlets, rings, connections, and seals, leaks can form at any time.

Here are the five most common causes of a garbage disposal leak to help you troubleshoot your unit.

Sink Flange

Your garbage disposal is connected to your sink drain via a sink flange. It can form a leak for different reasons.

The mounting bolts may not be secure enough to hold it in place. Check all three to ensure they are tightened.

5 Causes Of A Garbage Disposal LeakThe plumber’s putty may have failed. In order to replace it, you’ll have to loosen the retaining bolts to create a gap, then force putty between the flange and the pipe. When you tighten the bolt back into place, it should fix the problem.

Dishwasher Connection

Many garbage disposals are also connected to the drain pipe that leads to the dishwasher. This connection helps get rid of food that is removed from plates and pans as they run through the washing cycle. A leak can form where the hose connects to the the dishwasher unit. It can also occur is the clamp on the hose isn’t secure.

To fix this, either replace the hose if it is cracked, or tighten the clamp down to ensure a solid connection.

Discharge Pipe

At the bottom of the garbage disposal is a discharge pipe that connects to the drain of the sink. It is connected with a flange and a seal. Either of these components can become loose over time, or fail due to wear and tear.

You can tighten the flange to ensure it isn’t the problem. If it still leaks, the seal will need to be replaced.

Cracked Interior

As a garbage disposal ages, it grows susceptible to cracks along its interior wall. When this shell begins to crack, water will emerge from the seams. At this point, the entire garbage disposal should be replaced.

Moved and Shifted

Garbage disposals are located under the kitchen sink. Since you store a variety of things under the sink and access it frequently, it’s not uncommon to bump the disposal and the pipes regularly.

If the disposal is hit hard enough, the pipes can be moved enough to push the disposal into a different position, one where bolts loosen, connections release, and leaks spring to life. To take care of garbage disposals, ensure everything is in place, especially if you notice water from several connections.

Still have a problem? It’s time to call in a professional for garbage disposal repair services. We can help. Contact us today at (770) 674-8996 for expert assistance with your garbage disposal and plumbing needs.

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