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5 Signs You Need A Whole House Dehumidifier

5 Signs You Need A Whole House Dehumidifier

Humidity in the air is something we deal with regularly. But is there such a thing as too much humidity in your home?

The correct answer is YES. Humidity is the measurement of water in the air, and when there is enough water in the air, living organisms can grow and thrive, and we don’t mean the good ones. Not only does high humidity allow harmful growth, it will affect your home as well, floors, pets, furniture, pianos, and most of all your health.

Living in the south means learning to control humidity on a daily basis. In most homes, the air-conditioner dehumidifies the main floors, but what about the basement? Below grade areas of the home such as basements, enclosed crawl spaces, or cellars do not receive enough run time with the air-conditioners to properly de-humidify. Often these areas of the home have a musty smell or clammy feeling to them; this is caused by humidity levels over 55% and growth.


Musty smells in the home? Dust that enters the home is made up of thousands of different biological particulates such as pollen, pet dander, skin cells, mold spores, and algae spores. When the relative humidity gets above 55%, these particulates have enough moisture to start growing and spreading throughout the home causing health issues, un-sightly stains, and odors. Having a stand-alone de-humidifier system is a requirement for combating these problems.

Humidity inside the home can also come from plumbing leaks in the slab, walls, or crawlspaces. Any plumbing leak in the home can cause major issues and should be addressed immediately. Foundation leaks can also cause major humidity issues within the home as the water get traps inside the home after it rains and continues to evaporate into the home when it dries up again outside.

Rotting Wood

If wood remains wet for indefinite periods of time, it will slowly begin to rot away. You can find signs of rot along window casings, hardwood floors, drywall, even along your foundation. If not corrected, it can diminish the structural integrity of your home.

And while many of the signs for too much humidity in your home are external and found throughout your home, it can impact you as well.


Noticed a change in your health? It could be a sign there is too much moisture in your home. If allergies suddenly form, respiratory conditions increase significantly over time, it may be due to your indoor air quality. Excess moisture in the air can cause allergens such as dust mites and biological growth to spread throughout your home.

If you notice any of these things in your home, it may be time to invest in a dehumidifier.

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