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7 Culprits That Cause Havoc On Your Drains

Avoiding clogs in your drain can help keep your home safe and healthy. When pipes become blocked, contaminated water can begin flowing into different areas, including back up into your sinks, or into your basement or crawlspace.

7 Culprits That Cause Havoc On Your DrainsWhile clogs can occur from many things and in a variety of ways, there are certain situations we see again and again. By learning the eight common culprits that clog drains regularly, you can avoid them in your own home.


Did you know the average person sheds 50 to 100 hairs per day? And a lot of that occurs in your shower each morning. That can quickly add up in your shower drain and cause a large backup over time. Now add in the sticky residue from soap bars, and it can clog up even faster. You can place a screen or special filter on top of the shower drain to trap hairs before they enter the drain. Then clean it on a routine basis.

Paper products

If toilet paper is safe on plumbing, other paper products are too, right? Not necessarily. Napkins, paper towels, even those flushable wipes you’ll find in the stores aren’t made for the average plumbing system. They don’t break down fast enough to move smoothly through the system. The solution is to stop sending these down the drain.

Small objects

This is often a problem for homes with small children. It’s natural to want to send down small toys as they play and become adventurous. That’s why it’s important to teach kids early on about what is acceptable and what isn’t to send down the drain.


This is often the number one problem in kitchen drains. Like hair, grease will stick to anything and add into the buildup over time. Grease also acts as a magnet for small objects and food that is sent down. It can cause some pretty nasty clogs deep in the system.

Rice and pasta

While rice and pasta may be a staple for side dishes and main meals, keep them on your plate and away from the drain. Rice and pasta expand when they soak up water and eventually become a sticky mess. It continues to expand as it moves throughout your plumbing.

Stringy veggies

Pumpkin, celery, corn husks, even some types of lettuce; they have stringy fibers that can wrap around blades and become entangled with other materials. All of that can lead to a pretty nasty clog.

Coffee grounds

While they are tiny and look innocent, coffee grounds are often big problems. Coffee grounds are tiny enough to linger, and when they meet up with grease or other sticky substances, they quickly adhere and start to clog. The end result is a sludgy impenetrable problem that’ll be hard to clear away.

By practicing preventive plumbing maintenance, you can avoid many common clogging issues. Regular troubleshooting with inspection cameras can help identify problems early, ensuring they are addressed before becoming major issues. Additionally, choosing the right pipe wrenches is essential for dealing with any necessary repairs and ensuring your plumbing system remains in top condition.

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