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The Advantage Of Dual Flush Toilets for Atlanta Properties

Dual flush toilets are popping up everywhere, and with good reason. Dual flush toilets do exactly what they claim to do: they give you the option to choose from two different flushes. Why? By purchasing a toilet that gives you the option of using two different water levels, you’ll cut the water usage of your toilet by more than half. That means it will not only save you a bundle of money on your water bill over the course of the toilet’s lifetime, but it will also impact the environment in a good way as well.

How much impact can a dual flush toilet really have?

More than you realize. Statistics show that when a dual flush system is used in place of a conventional toilet, it can help reduce water consumption by as much as 67 percent. In fact, the water savings can be so substantial that placed impacted by severe droughts, such as Australia, have passed laws requiring dual flush toilets be the only option available for installation.

Dual flush toilets are catching on here in the United States too. The double flush concept is relatively new, only becoming available here in the last decade or so. And because of the impact they can have on helping save water, especially in communities stricken with drought, it’s an option that’s becoming more appealing. As a result, you’ll see dual flush being integrated into many of the fixtures available on the market today.

Newer models almost exclusively have a two button method for dual flush. Older technology used a push/pull mechanism that required you to push or pull the lever, depending on the level of water you desired. Because most people don’t want to stand there and contemplate whether to push or pull the handle in order to create the most savings, it invariably meant people erred towards using a larger water supply. With a two button system, it’s much easier to avoid misflushing.

To install a dual flush toilet, it is a little more complicated than installing your average toilet. It takes a little more skill to adjust the water supply for dual flushing ability. When you choose to install a dual flush toilet, it’s best to contact a professional plumber in order to ensure that your new water and money saving toilet operates efficiently and is installed correctly, to ensure it operates problem-free for years to come.

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