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Are You Programming Your Thermostat Correctly?

In the fall, temperatures begin to drop. And that can be a good thing after a particularly brutal summer. 

But as those temperatures continue to drop, a chill can settle into your home. It’s time to turn on the furnace and let the heat settle in. It feels good, but you also know your utility bills are about to rise. Every time your heating system starts, it’s more money out of your pocketbook. What can you do? Are You Programming Your Thermostat Correctly?

If you haven’t invested in a programmable thermostat, that can be the first step to controlling your monthly utility bills. The constant up/down action some people use to control the temperature inside their homes takes its toll. By programming it, you’re allowing your HVAC equipment to operate as efficiently as possible. What’s the right temperature? 

For most, when you’re awake and at home, 68 is a comfortable temperature. Because you wear more clothing in the winter, setting your thermostat to 68 will allow you to move around freely without overheating. Try it for a few days. If you find it’s too chilly, bump it up one degree at a time. 

At times when you’re away from home or asleep, turn it down to 60 to 62 degrees. That may feel chilly, but studies show colder air can make you sleep better. And if you’re away from your home, why not save on energy anyway? Just be sure you don’t turn it too low to put your pipes and plumbing system at risk. 

Make sure you program your thermostat for your normal schedule. Then set it for your patterns throughout the day. Up while you’re home in the morning getting ready; down while you’re away. Then up again as you arrive home and spend an evening at home with the family. 

Because it’s programmable, you can set every day differently. Have a class on Wednesday evenings? Leave the temperature lower for those few extra hours. Work from home on Friday’s? Adjust the temperature so you’ll be comfortable all day. 

Smart thermostats can even move beyond programming and offer reports to help track your energy usage too. If you want to make changes to the way your home operates, an upgrade to smart technology may be the perfect solution for you. 

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