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Best Plumbing Practices For Earth Day 2019

It’s time to celebrate Earth Day this year. Are you doing all you can to make planet Earth the best it can be?

As plumbers, we’re dedicated to contributing where we can, and to make eco-friendly plumbing choices wherever possible. What do we recommend?

Start with the temperature of your water heaterBest Plumbing Practices For Earth Day 2019

While it might not seem like a huge deal, your water heater is one of the biggest impacts you have in your home. Most water heaters are automatically set at 140 degrees. Yet for most of us, we can function equally as well by lowering the temperature to 120 degrees. This will reduce the heat and demand loss, and has the potential of saving you several hundred dollars on your utility bill each year. 

Find out how old your water heater is

Water heaters aren’t designed to last forever. If yours is more than a few years old, chances are it’s not as efficient as it could be. While you can purchase an insulation blanket to keep your tank water heater more insulated, you should also consider updating it to new technology if it’s more than a few years old. How about tankless technology? This would allow you to avoid heating water and letting it stand in a tank, giving you access to an unlimited supply of hot water. 

Update fixtures

How many fixtures around your home are low-flow devices? You can find low-flow fixtures for every room in your home. Many homeowners have updated toilets with low-flow options; if you haven’t upgraded in a while, consider dual flush. This further reduces the amount of water you use with each flush. Also, look at changing out bathroom and kitchen fixtures with more energy efficient ones. You’ll see a difference in your monthly utility bills. 

Inside and outside

Many homeowners look for ways to reduce energy consumption inside, and forget about the outside. There are many things you can do to reduce water usage outside too. Pay attention to how your sprinkler system is set up. Different parts of your landscape have different requirements in the amount of water needed to survive. You can also xeriscape, or change out the plant life in your gardens to reduce the amount of water needed to survive. 

Call in a professional

When was the last time you had an energy audit to determine where your biggest wasters are? This Earth Day, find out where you can make the biggest changes in the way your home uses water, and start saving today. 

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