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Central HVAC Maintenance Tips

Central HVAC is one of the most convenient ways to heat and cool your home.

Instead of having to heat or cool one room at a time, your entire house is interconnected with a ventilation system, pushing conditioned air to every corner. It takes energy to make this system work the way it should. In much the same way your car needs regular maintenance to operate, so too does your HVAC system. Both have motors that keep things running. While your HVAC unit might not need spark plugs and a battery, it still requires a regular tune up to keep it Central HVAC Maintenance Tipsworking efficiently and effectively.

Central Air Conditioning

With proper maintenance, your air conditioner can last for years. We suggest scheduling a maintenance visit each spring before the first warm day. That way you ensure every part of your air conditioner is working well before you turn it on for the season. We check a variety of things, but you can do your part too. Simple things like:

  • Filters – they should be changed at the beginning of the season, more if your family suffers from allergies or other respiratory ailments
  • The outdoor compressor – keep it clean and clear landscaping to ensure the unit isn’t damaged
  • Leaks – if you notice standing water, it’s time to call in a maintenance technician

Central Heating

Just like your air conditioning system, it’s important to check your furnace at the beginning of each heating system too. Before the temperatures dip, do a few tests on your own:

  • Test your furnace to ensure it runs and produces heat
  • Check to ensure the pilot light is clear blue if your furnace has one – yellow or orange flame may signal a problem
  • Change out dirty air filters at least once a season, more in active households
  • Ensure each vent in your home isn’t blocked, and clean them to ensure a dust-free air flow

Central heating and cooling is a modern convenience that is hard to live without. But if you don’t practice a few central HVAC maintenance tasks each year, it will cost you in time, energy, and money.

Before the weather turns colder this fall, give us a call and schedule your central HVAC maintenance visit. We’ll ensure your entire system is in the best shape it can be in.

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