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Charging Your Electric Car At Your Atlanta Home

Ready to dive in and purchase your first electric car? Statistics show that more than a half-million electric cars have been sold here in the US to date.

And while having an electric car may be an effective way to get around Atlanta as you head into the office and handle errands, before you finalize your purchase, remember you’ll have to plug in your vehicle when you get home each day.

That means having the right sized charging station readily available at home.

All electric cars come with a standard home charging connector, a J1772 socket. The only exception is the Tesla Model S & X that have adapters.

Most electric cars fall into one of two charging levels: 16A or 30A. Different wall units supply different current levels. Buying and installing a unit that supplies more than your car needs can future-proof your investment, especially as cars become more efficient over time. But realize that today connecting a car that accepts 16A to a wall that supplies 30A does no harm, but won’t impact how fast your car charges.

Most wall units can be used inside or outside, but it’s good to check with the manufacturer first, especially if you’re installing outside and it will be subjected to the elements. The best location is always a garage or a carport.

Today, all units sold are “plug-in” versions. Even though they seem simple and easy to install, ensuring you have the correct electricity supply is imperative to avoid potential problems down the road, including power outages and fires. A charging station needs a high voltage outlet. A licensed electrician will ensure you have the proper outlet hard-wired and ready to accept your plug-in unit. They will also secure any permits or inspections are completed to keep you up to code.

When having an electrician install an outlet, be sure to place it directly under the location where you will be installing the plug-in unit. The cables used for charging are often very short. Installing in the wrong place can be a potential nightmare when you bring your electric car home the first night.

Once you have the proper outlet in place, the unit can be installed fairly quickly.

Car Charging Station Installation in Atlanta

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