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Common Attic Insulation Mistakes Even The Pros Make

Installing attic insulation is a fairly routine job. When your house was built, the pros came in and laid the insulation into place. If you’ve added insulation over the years, the pros performed the job at their expectation levels. Unfortunately, that’s often not good enough.

You pay the cost in higher utility bills, and a home that isn’t as comfortable as it could be. Where are the potential problem areas?Common Attic Insulation Mistakes Even The Pros Make

The attic floor

Adding insulation isn’t the only part of the job. It also requires proper air sealing to ensure the insulation can do its job. That means open cracks or holes are properly sealed to prevent air from escaping. Some installers don’t take the air sealing job seriously, leaving your home exposed to less than stellar efficiency.

  • Framed soffits can be prime spots for leaks
  • There can be spaces between the attic floor and the chimney
  • Flashing and caulk could be missing
  • Openings for pipes, electrical boxes, wiring, and ductwork can all be improperly sealed

You cannot add more insulation and make these problems go away. The only way to fix them is with a proper seal.

The eave vents

A properly functioning home needs proper ventilation to help the attic remain free of condensation, moisture problems, and biological growth. The eave vents allow the right amount of ventilation in, providing it is properly installed. They keep the air stream open and prevent the insulation from being damaged. If they are blocked, your home won’t function efficiently.


Have you added recessed lighting? Have you put in a ceiling fan as a DIY project? Every time you make additions to your home, you risk reducing the effectiveness of the insulation. Traditional can lights, for instance, require a barrier between the light and the insulation of at least 3 inches to prevent fire. This wastes energy. Newer fixtures create tighter air seals, which means they provide more efficiency to your home in many ways.

One of the best ways to determine efficiency is with an energy audit. We can assess every aspect of your home, and make recommendations for how you can make the quickest improvement that will provide the biggest bang for your buck. Schedule yours today.

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