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Common Electrical Code Violations That May Be In Your Home Right Now

Is the electrical wiring in your home up to code? Many homeowners can’t answer that question. And for good reason.

Ownership changes – who knows what tasks past homeowners attempted on their own? Older homes were built under different guidelines. Even changes in the way we live, with different appliances and technology, can impact the way we live.Common Electrical Code Violations That May Be In Your Home Right Now

When electrical code violations occur, it puts your family and your home at risk.

What are the most common you may find in your own home?

Installing New Lights On Old Wiring

An easy way to redecorate is to replace old lighting. New pendants look great over an island. A new chandelier in the dining room can look divine. But many of today’s lift fixtures operate at a hotter temperature. And when you connect them to older, lower rated wiring, the potential exists for fire.

Old Wiring

We love our old, historic homes. And as long as you have fully upgraded the electrical wires inside your home, you’re okay. Unfortunately, many homes built pre-1950 still have old technology. And these old circuits don’t support the higher amperage needed today. The wires are not properly grounded and the insulation can disintegrate after a while. It’s a safety risk that needs upgrading immediately.

Recessed lights touch insulation

It may seem easy to add in a few recessed lights to your room, but if you don’t do it the right way, you can be setting yourself up for fire. Recessed lights must be IC-rated if they are in contact with insulation in the attic. If not, there must be a space of three inches between the insulation and the light.

Illegal Splices

This is one of the most common and also one of the most dangerous things we see. A connection between two or more wires is a splice. It is illegal to use splices and they are dangerous if not properly contained in a junction box. If a splice is needed, an electrician should install a junction box and put the wires in the box using wire nuts. A cover plate is then installed over the new box.

Do you have any electrical code violations in your home? Do you know?

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