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Do You Have These Common Electrical Hazards In Your Home?

Do You Have These Common Electrical Hazards In Your Home?

Every day things change around your home. With daily use, wear and tear, and even with normal aging, common electrical connections can suddenly go from working properly to electrical hazard, one that can be dangerous, even deadly for your family.

But how do you know where problems lie? Are there electrical snags you can fix yourself? Or do they all require immediate attention from a certified electrician?

Some electrical problems take on a DIY  position, however a professional, certified, electrician should always be consulted. They are harmless and easy to fix in just a few minutes.

Loose outlet – Be sure to turn off the breaker before starting work. Double check the outlet for voltage with a volt meter, or simply plug something in. Remove the cover plate and add outlet shims until the outlet is flush with the wall.

Broken switch – Turn off the breaker and test before starting work. Remove the faceplate and use a Phillips head to remove the switch. Reassemble with a new switch in place.

Short circuit – Some electrical appliances, such as a hairdryer, can cause a short in the system. Reset the breaker to engage the electricity once again. If you have repeated occurrences with the same appliance and outlet, it may be time to upgrade the system. A short in the wiring or upgrading the system is something best addressed by a pro.

Some electrical problems are best left to a pro. They are a sign of bigger problems that could turn into more serious problems over time.

Flickering or dimming lights – This is a sign of a poor connection, one that could result in sparking, overheating and fire.

Dead outlets – Dead outlets can result from poor connection or a tripped breaker from excessive heat build up. If wires are overheated and begin to melt, they no longer work, yet are a sign of a bigger potential problem.

Frequent short circuits – If short circuits happen with regular frequency either with the same appliance or the same outlet, it can be a sign the circuit is overloaded and using too much electricity. An upgrade is necessary to fix the problem permanently.

Electrical work isn’t the same as working with other DIY projects around your home. If you don’t have the proper tools or skills, call an electrician to tackle these projects for you. Stay safe.

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