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Conserving Energy and Air Conditioning – Can You Have Both?

What matters most to you: creating an energy efficient home or having a cool house to come home to?

Can you have both?

With just a few simple steps, you can make your air conditioner run as efficient as possible, lower your utility bills, and prevent your AC unit from breaking down at the most inopportune times. Here’s how. Conserving Energy and Air Conditioning - Can You Have Both?

Change The Air Filter

Change out your air filter in the spring before you turn on your cooling system for the first time. If your system works on overtime during the hottest days of the year, consider changing out the air filter several times a season to ensure fresh air is always available. You can stock up on high quality filters in the spring and have them ready to change out quickly as a part of your normal maintenance routine. 

A dirty air filter can clog your system by allowing dust and debris to filter into the mechanical parts of your cooling system, so it’s important to keep it as clean as possible. A dirty air filter can also allow dirt into your living quarters, which can impact your health. 

Cleaning The Coil

Have you ever wondered how your outside unit stays clean and continues to operate efficiently every year? In truth, it needs a little help. There is a large coil in your outside unit that makes the cooling process possible. And because it resides outside, a lot of dust and debris can settle onto the coil throughout the year. 

That’s why we suggest a maintenance visit every year. One of our professionals will clean and inspect the coil to ensure it’s working properly. We have the proper tools and experience to ensure it’s working the way it should. 

Is your air conditioner working the way it should? 

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