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Curbing Your Atlanta Utility Bills While On Vacation


The few hours leading up to when you leave on vacation is exciting. All of your plans come together to create a memorable time away from home. Of course. you can’t forget to pack up your suitcases and bring your pets to the kennel. And a walk through to ensure your windows are locked and secured will give you peace of mind as you relax and enjoy.

But what about saving money while you’re away? Did you know that by spending a few extra minutes on adjustments in your Atlanta home, you can save money on your utility bills for the month? Better yet, it’s an easy process.

Turn Down Your Thermostat

In many cases, we don’t think twice about our thermostat as we come and go. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can set temperatures based on your daily habits. Higher in the mornings when you’re getting ready and in the evenings when you get home from work; lower during the day while you’re away from home. But if you won’t be home, why have the heat bump up at all? Turn it down low right before you leave – we recommend 55 degrees. You can even program it to warm things up again right before you return.


With many appliances, we leave them plugged in and ready to go all hours of the day. With programmable features, we enjoy automation throughout our days. But what most people don’t realize is that appliances that are plugged in are still utilizing energy regardless of whether they’re in use. The majority of appliances in your home do not need to be plugged in while you are away. Unplug anything that won’t be in use.


In our Atlanta homes, we often take lights for granted. Some lights may be on motion sensors. Others may be hooked into timers, coming on at appropriate times of the day. While automated lights can be a good thing, giving the appearance someone is at home, how efficient are the lights you are using? Switching to LEDs can help you lower your energy bill not just while you’re away, but year round as well.


If your home still has a natural fireplace, be sure to close the damper before you leave. When you leave the damper open, it allows cold air to enter your home and warm air to leave. Closing it as you leave seals off this opening, keeping the warm air inside your home while you are away.

When it comes to saving money within your home, every little bit helps. If you would like even more money saving strategy ideas to make your home more efficient, schedule a home energy audit today. We’ll show you the best place in your home to take action on now, to save money and energy in the coming months and years.

Energy Management Services in Atlanta

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