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Do These Things When Your Pipes Freeze

What happens when temperatures dip below freezing – is your home prepared? Are your pipes at risk for freezing?

If you do a quick search online to find a way to prevent your pipes from freezing on the coldest of days, you’ll find a lot of bad advice. 

Open up the cupboard doors to let the heat flow in. In theory, this can work. It allows air movement around your pipes. But shouldn’t they be better insulated than that?Do These Things When Your Pipes Freeze

Let the water drip from your faucet overnight to keep water flowing. That might prevent your water main from freezing, but it can also cause problems down the line. 

The only way to truly prevent your pipes from freezing is to make sure they are fully protected before the cold sets in. 

Once they freeze, there are a few things you can do to get the water flowing once more. 

Take Action – When the water supply or main line freeze up, the ice can cause the pipes to bulge, meaning it can rupture your pipeline. The most important thing you can do is take action. First, call and schedule an appointment with a plumber. They should inspect your entire system to ensure your pipes are safe from leaks. Before they get there, shut off the water supply at the source. If the pipes do thaw and have been compromised, this will prevent a gush of water impacting your home.

Find the freeze – The key to recovery is finding and thawing the frozen pipe. Follow your pipeline throughout your home. Can you find where the frozen pipes are? Be sure to check the garage, the attic, crawlspaces, as well in rooms with a water supply. You can also look for clues – pooling water next to wallboards might be an indication of pipe problems behind the drywall. 

If your pipes thaw without a problem, your best course of action is to fix it to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Heat tape is designed to cover pipes and insulate them against cold weather. Insulating them ensures they can withstand future drops in temperature. 

However, the only way to truly ensure your system is safe once again is to contact a reputable plumber for an inspection. They can help you determine where your problem lies, and offer suggestions for how to avoid the situation in the future. 

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